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Politically correct "intolerance" sweeps Bluegrass Award Show

Patriotism, politics collide at bluegrass awards
IBMA leader resigns over military anthems
By PETER COOPER, The Tennessean

"It's a dangerously fine line between patriotism and politics, and the line is so fine that trade organizations probably need to avoid it," said Crow, a Nashville attorney and veteran bluegrass musician.

At issue is a performance on the Sept. 28 IBMA Awards show by the U.S. Navy bluegrass band, an outfit called Country Current. That band performed with perennial IBMA female vocalist of the year Rhonda Vincent, whose new album contains some patriotic lyrics and is titled All American Bluegrass Girl.

When some in the bluegrass community expressed concerns about Country Current's playing military service anthems on the show — feeling that it might offend some IBMA members, including the roughly 300 members (about 15 percent) who hail from outside the United States — Crow and the rest of the five-member executive board met and determined to ask Country Current to play one of Chief Wayne Taylor's original songs rather than service anthems.

"We asked the Navy band if they'd be able to do a standard bluegrass song instead, and they said 'Sure,' " said IBMA Executive Director Dan Hays. "So David had gone to membership meetings during the week and had been saying, 'There are going to be some changes that the Navy band is more than willing to accommodate.' "

And so the controversy was averted, until the Navy band went onstage at the awards show and performed military anthems.

Our US Navy Bluegrass band asked not to play service anthems because they may "offend"????

Disgusting.... this "tolerance" crap is just the pits. I repeat something I said below... We are so determined to accept and believe in everything, that we believe in nothing anymore. This is not my America. This is not "tolerance" but peer bullying being sold to us under the banner of tolerance. I am embarrassed that this nonsensical attitude has spread to a genre of music I so enjoy.

BTW... the IBMA's Chairman of the Board/President, David Crow, resigned immediately backstage. Not because of the horrendous "offense" of military anthems, but because

"Someone has to be accountable when the board makes decisions and they are not implemented," he said. "Resigning was not a political statement, it was a statement about losing control from a leadership perspective."

For a more personal - but unsubstantiated - perspective, the below post appeared on

Reply 4 - Posted by: bilbo, 10/7/2006 9:27:19 PM

I was there attending the International Bluegrass Music Asociatio annual conference.
The Navy band...Country Current.... was performing at the Awards Show heldat the Grand Ol Opry hall.

The Prez and others asked the Navy Band to not perform/sing their standard tribute to the armed forces branches.

This song is part marine, Navy Army & air Force. As their respective part is played, members (prsent and former) stand and receive applause for their help and sacrifices.

Well, this song was taboo, thus the abstension request.

BUT, thank God, the Navy band went ahead and played this song in their set.
The prez, David Crow, and other officers went ballistic. The Navy said they had permission from other committee members.

Then Prez Crow resigned in protest because his feelings were soooo hurt.
An investigation is underway to identify the other members who gave the go-ahead in spite of the wishes of the omnipotent ones.

I sent an email reminding the officers of the great distate some have for playing politics. After all, Bluegrass IS a music native to, and peculiar to, the Good Ol USA!
God Bless The Navy Band!

Good on you, Bilbo. Absurd... this is truly out of hand. Will then they ban bluegrass versions of gospel next?

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