Monday, October 09, 2006

One liner headlines to make you grin

Mexico may take fence dispute to U.N.
JENNY BARCHFIELD, AP, appearing on

PARIS - Mexico's foreign secretary said Monday the country may take a dispute over U.S. plans to build a fence on the Mexican border to the United Nations.


Yawn.... 'Scuse me if I remove my boots to see if my feet are quaking. Gee.... a potential RESOLUTION from the UN. Insert hand wringing here... what are we to do, what are we to do? LOL

To see more of my mood for UN and international opinions, see below post. I guess I just don't have enough patience left lately to comment on world events without oozing acerbic vile in every word.

BUT... if the above headline wasn't enough to make you smile, here's another zinger...

"EU and US could unite on post-Kyoto treaty, says Al Gore"

Yo Al.... that horse is still dead, and will remain dead until you get a bud in the Oval Office who's corrupt enough to talk our already corrupt US Congress into bringing down the US economy merely to make you look sane.

Still not enough to crack a smile? One more... no end to it with today's quality of so-called journalists...

PM incites hate, says [Muslim] cleric

MELBOURNE cleric Abu Hamza has criticised several of the city's ethnic communities for not assimilating.

He said Jews had failed to integrate by sticking to Caulfield and Balaclava, as had Italians in Lygon St.

Mr Hamza told a recent prayer meeting that Greeks, Yugoslavs and Albanians who had arrived in Australia 40 years ago had also refused to accept assimilation in the way Prime Minister John Howard was now demanding of Muslims.

Assimilating vs "inciting hate". Uh ahem.... are those Jews, Italians, Greeks, Slavs and Albanians actively involved in a religion that sponsors educating their children in Madrasses? Jus' askin', of course.

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TrekMedic251 said...

WHy can't we import PM Howard to the US and give HIM the reins of the Republican Party??