Saturday, April 08, 2006

McKinney pressured into slithering back under rock

Time for Cynthia McKinney to go home
By Star Parker, Scripps Howard News

It's been a mildly amusing story this past week... McKinney's arrogant faux pas, and it's ensuing escalation into racial accusations. It was always going to be a hard sell under the best of circumstances. But Ms. McKinney had to buckle to peer pressure and "truly regret" herself out of the limelight.

My favorite part of the article personally is the reference to polls that Congress just doesn't like to get press. It's tough to play on the low Bush poll numbers when Congress themselves enjoys even less respect. LOL

You know we've come a long way when our idea of racism has moved from fire hoses and segregation to a black congresswoman's outrage at not being recognized by a Capitol Hill policeman.

Rep. Cynthia McKinney is now sulking in lonely indignity as her latest claims about racial profiling have even embarrassed her colleagues in the Congressional Black Caucus. Reports are that caucus members advised her to back off and that even highly respected civil rights veteran Rep. John Lewis, D., Ga., suggested she "lower the temperature and stop holding press conferences."

Only a member of Congress as detached from reality as Ms. McKinney could not appreciate the destructiveness of her behavior. Voters are fed up with their representatives in Washington. The latest polling done by Fox News shows that a 36 percent approval rating for President Bush actually looks good compared to the 29 that both Democrat and Republican members of Congress get.
Hope on the part of Democrats is, with the President faltering and former GOP Majority Leader Tom DeLay bidding farewell amidst scandal, that this is their golden opportunity to regain credibility and recapture American hearts, minds and the Congress.

Enter the wild Democrat congresswoman from Georgia, breezing past a security policeman in a House office building wearing no Congressional identity pin, and then claiming racism and racial profiling when he tries to stop her. Is it any wonder that there isn't a Democrat, black or white, who is interested in defending her?

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MDConservative said...

I never watch it but Tivo'd Real Time with Maher the other night. I saw Bill Sammon was going to be a guest..then Biden as well, figured something interesting could happen. Then I got a surprise, McK was on towards the top of the show. Too funny, although pathetic how she just laughs after hitting a police officer.

MataHarley said...

Pathetic is an apt description of McK under almost any circumstance! I suspect she hasn't done herself any favors with her actions.

BTW, mdcon, are you up to speed on the "Able Providence" datamining system? AKA "son of Able Danger"?

MDConservative said...

I know of no program named "Able Providence."

MDConservative said...


God Bless it when a stupid person, video, and the internet collide.