Saturday, April 08, 2006

Congressional elitists hypocritical on alternative energy

Negotiators in the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate agreed late on Thursday to give Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney the power to block a plan by Cape Wind Associates LLC to put 130 giant wind turbines near the resort islands of Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket.

Amazing... the same bozos (that would be my name for Congress, of course) are showing their true colors in no uncertain terms. This would be the same group who have steadily increased our dependence on foreign oil for decades, refused to allow new refineries for even longer, contributed to alternative energies not being cost efficent and available to the common man - all while proudly spewing out of the other side of their forked tongues their heartfelt desires for alternative energy sources,

But the shit has hit the Congressional fan, and tthe NIMBY attitude wins. No wind mill power sources in sight of the wealthy, please.

It's been well known that Kennedy (D-MA) and Romney (R-NY Gov) are adamantly opposed to the privately funded project - one that gives the Kennedy Hyannis Port compound a front row view of the wind plant. Congress, not wanting to abandon their own, has now granted Gov. Romney the power to nix the project personally.

Which of course makes me wonder about the headline "near to blocking" language. Since they *did* agree to Romney's veto powers, what is "near" about it? Reporters... feh. But that's another story.

It just drives me wild listening to these priviliged, corrupt sponges, proclaiming their high ideals and morals from the Capitol steps when their historic performance shows them for what they are... Power hungry mongrels that concern themselves only with themselves and pals.

They must think we are all brain dead to asssume we'd miss this nonsense.

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