Tuesday, February 14, 2006

*REAL* News - ABLE DANGER hearings start... FINALLY!

Weldon press conference transcript span
The Able Danger Blog

TopDog08 at the Able Danger blog keeps ups informed on "real" news. Too bad it's buried under birdshit... er birdshot... by the MSM, eh?

Good news... this intel pimple will finally come to a head.

Bad news? It's not about Able Danger, but whistleblowing - ala the retaliation against Shaffer and others for speaking out, on issues that are vital to our national security.

Note the difference... vital *TO* our national security. Unlike the NYT's exposure of a NSA monitoring program that effectively rendered it useless. That would be *AGAINST* our national security, and a far cry from whistleblower status.

Heads up... TopDog is looking for a subscriber for the full transcript. Any one out there?

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