Wednesday, February 01, 2006

President Bush State of the Union, 2006

I purposefully did not immediately note my perceptions and responses to the 2006 SOU of last night -- my goal was to awaken and to then do a recall of the highlights.

It was an excellent SOU presentation. This President has a very, very clear vision for the future. The brilliance of last night's presentation was not just what was proposed, but the additional, subliminal layer of proposal which danced and sparkled throughout the speech.

He did indeed lay out, for me, what the next Republican Presidential Candidate will be clearly pushing for. Yet, that there remains time in his term to accomplish much; some things will be for highlighting for the next president, and accomplishing. That he and his current admin would be laying the groundwork for, now.

It is clear his plan for medical overhaul to be enacted this term was annhilated by the party of Democrats; but that it was not over. And that his plan for overhaul would require a certain measure of time to firmly lay down; and that insufficient time in term remained to do it justice. But that the important parts would be laid down as a foundation.

Very obvious? The adolescent Democrats in the theatre, last night. Didn't upset me at all. These deludinoid souls had obviously no idea as to what fools they made of themselves. They paid homage to President Bush -- showing themselves as so in awe of the President that they "acted out" in front of the cameras in such ways as to make any investor realize, clearly, how possibly deranged, the party of Democrats had become.

John Tabin describes it thusly:

On paper, this is a retreat: a tepid non-policy has replaced the ambitious ideas laid out at last year's address. But the Democrats clapped and hooted as soon as Bush said "Congress did not act last year on my proposal to save Social Security," giving Bush an opening to turn his bromide into a scathing attack: When he said "partisan politics," he had a visual aid to point to.

Suddenly it was as if Bush said "we mustn't act like clowns," and the entire Democratic caucus had shown up in multicolor wigs and greasepaint.

It was a scene out of a psi-flick, with the dead applauding a wickedness. It was surreal, and happening, right before our eyes.

The camera quickly panned to the man from Texas, and I saw the Texas A&M bull horns arise behind his head, eyes glinting, an intelligent grim smile flashing across his face.

Again John Tabin:
But if the scene in the Capitol was any indication, Republicans do still have one thing going for them: They'll be running against Democrats.


Yes, I did watch some of the Dem Official Reaction. Question? Would you buy a car or insurance from that guy?

We, at my house, were incredulous, and ended up having a great time. It was that unbelievable. The D-Gentleman was delivering a sales ad.... to... children. Simply Amazing.

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