Saturday, January 28, 2006

Let the UN fix it... LOL

U.N. Says Attacks Unabated in Darfur
By MICHELLE FAUL, AP writer, appearing in The Guardian

Yeah... let the UN fix Iran. Afterall, they're doing so well in Darfur... just like they've done in so many other places. snort...

The article above has comment's from the UN's High Commissioner of Human Rights (why does everything always sound like royalty or deity in that place... "Supreme Commander", "High Commissioner"!). Lot's of hand wringing in the report on peace failures in the Sudan.

It's enough to suggest we all pray for a civil war in Iran. At least it will keep UN fingers out of the pie.

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TrekMedic251 said...

Yeah,..let's look at some recent UN successes:

Lebanon, 1982 (I was there, TY!)
Talking Israel into letting Arafat go to Cyprus because he was no longer a threat!
Somalia 1993
Iraq, Round 1 (let the Shias overthrow Saddam, Mr. Bush)!

Yeah,....and let's not forget that because of the UNtied Nations, we still have troops in Korea (and libs b**ch about Iraq??)