Monday, January 09, 2006

On the subject of Marin County, CA...

No wonder it is so expensive in Marin.
It cost Marin taxpayers more than $1.64 million last fiscal year to keep the county's five supervisors in business.

An Independent Journal review of 2004-05 supervisors' expenses, based largely on an audit by Marin Auditor-Controller Richard Arrow, indicates that costs are rising. Two years ago, the board spent $1.57 million. In 2001-02, the cost of the supervisors' office operations was $1.45 million.

But the review indicates that supervisors are billing the county less for restaurant meals, travel and related expenses. The total board travel, conference and personal meal tab for 2004-05 was $15,251, down from $47,119 in 2002-03.
The article details some of the more interesting expenses. Wow. However,
Supervisor Hal Brown, a county board member since 1983, was the most frugal during 2004-05 at $283,845. Brown often ranks as the board's penny pincher.
That would be Hal Brown of San Anselmo, my ole' town. Er, one of 'em.

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