Monday, January 09, 2006

In My Humble Opinion

Okay, I've taken the time to observe and study. Here's how the snapshot looks to me. Repubs/Conservs have been doing the "see? We criticize our own", and Dems are using that, hopefully, to gain advantage. Dems are exploiting the "fairness to both sides" issues. I'm seeing it everywhere. Point was made most prominently to me due an article at WorldNetDaily today.

I'm seeing it elsewhere, too. So-called conservs and Repubs being fractured by so-called "players" from within, driving and attempting to make the wedge more distinct.

IMHO, Repub Strategists have made note of this too -- seeing the need to re-unite the "group". Jed Babbin call to "fight back" is right and has larger, wider implications to me. It's time to cover our own instead of playing "fair witness above it all", IMHO. Time is critical; and is immediate. I've seen the Dem "hand". Play it now and problems on down the road will resolve themselves, IME.

Yes, it's ugly out there.

However, 3/4ths of the ugly is mere "illusion". Remember that.

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