Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Oprah "humiliated" when denied special treatment

Oprah Gets Empathy After Boutique Rebuff
By ERIN TEXEIRA, AP National Writer

As an aside to the genuinely important issues of the world, I thought I'd pepper the serious with the truly nonsensical.... Oprah's recent Paris "humiliation".

The incident occurred when Winfrey stopped by Hermes on June 14 to buy a watch minutes after the boutique closed. Though she and three friends said they saw shoppers inside, neither a sales clerk nor manager would let them in.

Winfrey believes the store's staff had identified her, according to a spokeswoman from Harpo Production Inc., her company. Winfrey's friend, Gayle King, who was there, told Entertainment Tonight, "Oprah describes it as 'one of the most humiliating moments of her life.'" Harpo says Winfrey plans to discuss the incident in the context of race relations on her show this fall.

Now let's see.... Ms O wants to be let into a shop after hours. The store was finishing up with the existing customers who arrive during open hours, and was planning for a private store event.

And now, according to the humiliated Ms O... this is a racial issue.

ROTHLMAO! From gay Paree? How could this be?

So in the midst of events balancing life and death, Oprah is insulted she wasn't given special treatment for her fame and fortune. How utterly spoiled can a human be? Go no...

More laugable idiocy from this news flash..

In living rooms and Internet chat rooms, the Winfrey case has sparked discussion of what many see as a chronic problem for minorities: poor treatment and sometimes outright suspicion of minority shoppers no matter how well-educated or rich they are — particularly in high-end stores.

"The presumption in America is that if you have the wealth, you'll get equality — but where's Oprah's equality?" asked Bruce D. Haynes, a sociologist at the University of California, Davis. "It picks up on every inkling of discrimination that a black person might experience in daily life."

He added: "Many people are saying, 'I don't have the money, but Oprah represents what I could be ... She's like the black Donald Trump. And if it can happen to Oprah, it could happen to anyone."

Here's a news alert for Haynes. It DOES happen to all of us. And "equality" means that even spoiled, rich, minorities like Oprah should have to honor a stores shopping hours just like the rest of us.

Off planet, please....

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