Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Fort Bragg: The President's Speech

President Bush's speech.

I very much liked and agreed with the President's speech last night. When the President seemed near tears at the end, I was near tears too. It is tears borne of love and respect for our military but also borne of fatigue. Fatigue, arising out of having to defend the brave. The brave who are not faltering and are not letting America down; Our military.

With so much babble arising out of the celebrityhood of Democrats and Liberals and lost souls, it is an affront to have to state the obvious. And the lib-Dems know this. For quite some time I had wondered if lib-dems were conscious of this effect, and were therefore continuing to create temper tantrums merely out of self-interested adolescence; but no. It is indeed deliberate. They are determined to see the socialization of America. Whereby the lib elite rule in comfort over we the dirty and peasant.

The President reminded us that a war is still going on. And that rebuilding a country is hard work. Is it true that Americans, perceiving they are safer now, are simply ready to "move on with their lives"? Are we those at the movies, now that the movie is over, leaving our garbage in our seats as we depart the theatre in haste so that we might be the first out of the parking lot?

We are not only in a war abroad; but there is a critical battle over the soul and character of this country, IMHO. This is what President Bush said between all his words. I heard it from the beginning, and weaving in and out throughout his 30 minute speech. Our military is obviously and certainly disciplined to winning this war and defending our homeland. But are citizen Americans made of such disciplined stuff? And if Americans are not, is this not then that which tears at the core of military discipline and morale? Rather than troop strength? He made clear it is not the numbers of troops; but rather our faith in the mission which is wanting.

I begged and pleaded years ago on behalf of Iraqi's that America not just win the war but stay and help Iraq rebuild from within, and concretely and resolutely. I am firmly in accordance with the mission. I have been distracted but only because of false fronts brewing domestically; but which can have real impact if left unchecked. All of it linked to the Democrat agenda and proposed policies. This of itself would be normal and par for course; but the lib-dem constant harangue and emotional assault upon our mission and soldiers in the mid-east is what is revealing.

In an article about the President's speech last night, John Tabin, in Thirty Minute Man, at close says: "these speeches need to be more frequent no matter what the polls say."

What is galling is that even this needs to be said.

I've watched.

I've seen by actions the President has made every attempt to low-play all other matters in order to maintain a highfocus upon the WOT. And I've watched many conservative talking heads and scribes raise "spectres" which detract from the mission. Granted, everyone needs crumbs to live. But the screeching? The vitriol? These overambulatory thrusts detract, therefore making such speeches as last night's, necessary. Keeping one's eyes on the mission and while attending to other matters must be kept in harmonic balance lest the mission be left open to attack. There's my fatigue. I expect such shrieking from the socialists. That, is actually readily dealt with. But not when others in my own "hometown" are loudly raising rubrics which run detrimental to the primary mission of this presidency.

The SCOTUS rulings? fine. Let's brawl. But I will not attack my President as a "do-nothing" as I've witnessed others doing. My President is doing his job; I'm trying to do mine. What I could do with a lot less of is more "hysterical thrusts for instant gratification" from my own sides of the aisle. The majority of whom are not playing this way; outside the exception which are predominantly "libs" and those searching for the "celebrityhood" platform.

Lastly, yes, the problem is the MSM. Without the MSM, the socialists would be nowhere. Get no where. But there's an another agenda afoot and indeed does have something to do the WOT and "globalism".

The President has clearly laid out the overall mission statement for his presidency. That he would keep having to remind voters and conservatives of this mission is what is troubling. For the Democrats need no reminding whatsoever -- they are very clear about destroying and attacking that mission.

What is tiresome, for me, is that conservatives need reminding. I've seen too often how easily they are back into behaving as tho there is no war going on. Especially when socialists domestically seem never to lose sight of it and therefore need no reminding.

However, what I do see in the conservative side? They are in nearly all cases supporting the WOT by working to keep the homefront free; waging battle at the domestic level. And for this reason, also, do they need reminding. It's a battle abroad, there's a battle domestically.

Let's win these wars.

Full text of President Bush's speech last night:

President Addresses Nation, Discusses Iraq, War on Terror

Fort Bragg, North Carolina
P.S. In re "aftermath" of the President's Speech -- I began laughing everytime Tom Oliphant (Boston Globe) was in camera eye and spoke. The man is a caricature. He has obviously spent too many years being a word-meister. And that MacGregor ' former military'. His stats were very questionable.

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MataHarley said...

Yo Alia... don't you feel like the dummy to the media's ventroliquist? I sure do!

Case in point. You and I walk among ordinary people every day because we ARE ordinary people.

So have you noticed any additional "disquiet" inre Iraq over the last month or so? Were there overheard conversations about all of the sudden hitting the tolerance threshhold on the situation?

I know when the media and anti's started babbling about it 24/7 on the news, I had to turn around and take a careful look. Never saw that sheeeeeet coming. And don't forget, I live in terrorists' paradise, Oregon.

Nothing, zip. No changes in attitude or latitude until the media started saying everyone's disgruntled. In short, all this "disquiet" was fabricated, reported and made so by the MSM.

I repeat, do you ever feel like the dummy to the media ventroliqist??


Frankly I think it's time for journalists, who wield so much power over public opinion, to be licensed and tested for ethics and agenda prior to being given the power of the pen, word processor and microphone.