Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Hero Thing

The Dems/MSM are attempting to gin up Mr. Felt as a hero. Just to provoke a few thoughts... Do the Democrats see Mr. Felt as a hero -- JUST the same as say... Our US Military? A woulded Soldier pulling a live grenade to his gut in order to blunt it from harming his brother soldiers? A military helicopter returning to rescue men on the ground amid a live fight? Firemen and Police putting their lives on the line for others? A mother throwing herself in front of her child to defend against a gunman? A father venturing forth to protect his family from intruders? His wife being raped?

Here's the rhubard to ponder: Felt did unethical behaviors in order to expose unethical behaviors.

1. Script Scenario #1: Felt as a Hero

The anti-war movement sees our military as doing "unethical behaviors in order to expunge unethical behaviors" in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I've thought about this since this morning. And if the above are held as constants, one should think the Dems would be referring to the Military, indicted and yet to be, at Abu Ghraib to be "heroes". That is, if you apply this matter to Occams Razor.

2. Script Scenario #2: Felt as a "Great Patriot"

Felt cannot be called a Hero. So, perhaps they'll go next towards revamping their "by play" script to refer to him as a "great Patriot". But they can't. Not as more data is revealed with regard to his tapping those "hippie Evangelists" -- The Weatherman. Illegally.

3. Script Scenario #3: "Felt is a Great American".

If so, then why was his family haranging him for 3 years to tell his story so they could get "rich"?

Oh. Right. Oprah-ization of America. This sounds a plausible theme line. And certainly appears to be in the makes given this morning's early start with Nora Ephron's circus act in press this morning.

If there is one thing I do believe, and yes, I do have it in my older blogs; Is Bernstein quite adamantly saying he'd only reveal DT's name after DT's death.

Felt, although 91, is still quite alive (albeit henpecked by his family).

In other news today, Hillary Clinton blasts "Bush as a power-mad politician whose policies are "wrong for America." "What I see happening in Washington is a concerted effort by the Administration and the leadership in Congress to really create absolute power," she complained."

Didn't she really mean to say "really, realllllly" a la Zoolander speechification?

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