Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Women Returning to Democratic Party, Poll Finds

A Democratic polling memo released yesterday found that women, who voted for President Bush last year in large numbers, have begun migrating back to their traditional home in the Democratic Party as the public's agenda has shifted from homeland security and terrorism to domestic concerns such as jobs and the economy

Okay, mateys. This assertion is part and parcel of the "truth to power" agenda. "Say it", then snag the numbers and slant to support it. A Slogan being used to Sway.

Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway said that she could not comment on the specifics of the polls but that she agreed with the general thrust of Lake's findings. "Women, if left to their own devices, are going to tend and trend Democratic. That is absolutely the case," she said. "Women are still congenitally Democratic -- and I'm the Republican pollster saying that."

I very much like exactly how she said this: "if left to their own devices". Yes... women can't be independent. They must be dependent, ergo, that's where the Democratic Party is ... "Big Brother"... "Hubby Government".

Psychologically, this is going to hurt the Dems. You see... many women are still in the mindset of NOT wanting to be in the girl's club but rather in the "boys club". Go, Dems! Carry this message in headlines. Make it big! You've only your egos to gain!

This is great! And by the way... I saw President Bush doing his line-dancing step on TV yesterday, shaking his bootey. Wowsa! Hot stuff -- this was well done! :)

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