Thursday, May 26, 2005

Alia Rant: Under the Surface of today's news

What some may not be aware? David Duke just held a "worldwide" conference. The goal seems to be "recruitment".

There is a squishy middle ground when it comes to the "white" movement. On one hand, no one living today should feel "white guilt" (hat tip: Ken Hamblin) for sins of the past; unless, in fact, they are currently of the racialist identity politics "dis" order. There's a squishy ground.

On one hand, in America, we have the rights to free assembly. To freely associate. This tends to include "racial identity" groups. Certainly, according to the MSM and the conventional "liberal" culture. But whites cannot assemble along the same lines? Hypocrisy. Sheer and utter.

But on the other, other hand -- I don't like association with any of the racial identity groups -- it's not my vision of America. I despise quotas. And while many in the "white" movement say they are only standing up for "whites"; some have another, deeper, agenda. And that agenda appears to be no different than any of the other "racial identity groups": MONEY AND POWER.

The downside of any racial identity group? They end up having to making deals with the other racial-identity groups. What do some of the groups demand? Special rights, special access. Think on this... Willie Brown during CA's Prop 209 was proposing another quota -- for whites. Cute? Who's next in the "tearing apart" and splintering of Americans into "colors and ethnicities"?

Let's take a scan on today's news, shall we? First off, Michigan. Are you aware an INITIATIVE is going on in Michigan? Yep, a mirror of Ca's Prop 209 -- repealing preferences and quotas WRT state monies. On one side there are the "minority" racial groups brushing the MCRI with a rhetoric that is applicable to the "whitest" movement; but not the MCRI. And here's a whitest group doing "recruitment" in Michigan. Working together are they?

Cross burnings in Durham, NC this morning. Being attributed, already to KKK. Unless its just white screwballs, it sure ain't a tactic in the new "white" movement. The new white movement has gotten far more sophisticated in its recruitment tactics. What's been going on in Durham? Mostly black on black crime -- all linked to drugs and gangs. Most recently three young black youths shot and killed a Pakistani store clerk during their "gang" initiation (it appears). Black leadership is all over the news demanding MORE MONEY FOR BLACK YOUTHS. MORE GOVERNMENT PAID/SPONSORED PROGRAMS. And suddenly, cross burnings. snort. But maybe it was done by some screwball whites. No facts are out yet on anything. I'm just reporting here recent "factoids" of events in Durham.

Fact is, some see the "white movement" as the perfect answer to the other racial identity groups -- Latina, Black, Malaysian, Chinese, etc. As in "fighting fire with fire". Sure, some see this as a tactic.

It's not. IMHO. It's a sure invitation into a rotten vortex.

Those who adhere to any racial identity group adhere to a philosophy I learned from Louis Farrakhan: the "40 acres and a mule" ideology. I recall back in the early 90s, there was talk among the the racial identity groups demanding (suggesting?) they be given their own "enclaves" to live within. These groups snidely suggested White America could then have full writ and ownership to the Golf clubs of America. (Of course the Feminists had to step into that one, didn't they).

Bottomline, there's a very thin line between free-association and then creating "fortresses" based upon race and ethnicity. Of course, the MSM JUST ADORES these "race" issues -- and because it helps them sell print and air time. These groups KNOW this. And the Democrats and Liberals don't mind either, and because they think they'll be running these "groups" and their towns. Talk about deludinoids...

These groups are inherently selfish and self-centered. They claim to care about America, but they don't. They care about their own skin. And ultimately, they don't give two flips about what long-term, happens to America. They scream ad nauseum against intervention in other countries, when in fact, they are busy here at home, tearing apart our country in the name of "skin/ethnicity identity". Why? To sell off portions of the US to other countries in the name of the "new global economy" while slamming our country against "global intervention" out the other sides of their mouths?

Again, there is a very, very thin line between "free association" and fomenting a racially balkanized culture in America which long term WILL DEMAND QUOTAS, and hold all free enterprise hostage.

So when I hear people slamming President Bush as 'AUTHOR" of the vigilante remark in re "minutemen".. and I have carefully reminded them it was CBS WHO BEGAN THAT SCHTICK, they slam me.

Now, who is playing who...

Just remember that "thin line" between free association, and then think about "segregation". Particularly segregation of the past. Is it at all possible, that's EXACTLY where the MSM, the Dems and Liberals with their allied Racial Identity groups wish to take America? Back to segregation using the "free-association" rhubric?

Yes, I think so. Oh yeah... there are plenty of "white" movement members subscribing to conservative issues BUT ONLY when it serves that group's purposes. Recruitment. No different from how every other "racial identity movement" plays the game.

NOW -- how does this all fit into a larger picture?

We've got the MSM who seems to have decided everything is for sale. Meaning? They are no longer a free-press, but a business. Seems they are moreso on the side of the "tearing apart" of America (in the name of "global economy") than they are FOR America. You've got racial identity group members (and the MSM) demanding that America never involve itself with matters foreign; but yet their very own agenda SUPPORTS interaction and "a spot" in the new "global economy".

Newer technology is good; but there's always the downside. What does the global economy appear to support? Amazing, but in fact, a form of "quotas". And that's what all the brawling at various international forums on "socio-economics" seems to always boil down to.

What do I think is the axis: much of this "understuff" is spinning on? Ahem. Lesseee... conservatives being a minority (by large numbers) at colleges. This involves an "ideology", no? Watch the racial identity groups and their pals in the MSM support the concept of "racial identity" as an... "ideology"; and then playout racial identity and issues or conservative issues as an "identity politic". Yeah, right.. bring back the "hush Rush" bills". I mean... (sarcasm on).. all's fair in the "identity" movement, throw in the bathtub and sink too...Islamists, etc... (sarcasm off)

Heads up. Yes, I think there is a path through this muck.

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TrekMedic251 said...

Ok,...time to drag my cloak and hood for this one (just kidding):

Why is it perfectly OK for groups like La Raza, MS-13, and other pro-Aztlan groups to were brown berets and paramilitary outfits, or the Nation of Islam to disparage Jews and white in general - all under the MSM-led umbrella of minority free speech - but its a hate crime when whites demand equal time??