Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Soros says be patient

Despite the general recognition that progressives are several years behind conservatives, liberal activists are confident that technology will help them close the gap. “Technology may allow us to do in a few years what it took the other side 40 years,” the DNC source said.

Nope. It still won't quite happen. People are getting a taste of what a "civil" community is like, and they want it. They'll fight tooth and nail against liberal encroachment; some having witnessed the decadence of the past 30 years.

But the Phoenix Group is not beholden to the political calendar, and several sources insisted that four-year electoral exigencies were not motivating the project. Indeed, part of the reasoning in keeping D.C. consultants away from Scottsdale was to shield the high-tech donor base from political operatives, who are always eager for quick dollars to buy media points and fund direct mail.

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