Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Google Rolls Out Test of Personalized Search Tool

Using Google can help someone(s) learn quite a bit about YOU.

Users will be able to review the full text of any Web page they clicked on from a Google search results page. They also have the option to disable the service or remove particular searches from their history.

All of the information will be stored on Google's servers -- something analysts said is all but certain to rankle privacy advocates -- which will allow users to view their search history regardless of where they are when they sign on.

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Rastus said...

Lovely. So now some hacker, or even some government bureaucrat or policeman who wants to squeeze you and has connections with a judge, can gain access to everything he needs to do it. Of course, Google will give you the old line that if you're not doing anything wrong, then you should have nothing to hide. But we all know how even the most innocuous things can get spun in ways that can make one appear a monster.

Honestly, given the cavalier manner in which some companies handle private information, I sometimes find myself thinking that the Luddites might not have been entirely wrong.