Monday, February 07, 2005

Rumsfeld in re Mattis: The Matter's Closed . !

Here for the transcript. :)

"BLITZER: And you're still here.

Lieutenant General James Mattis, U.S. Marine Corps, made some controversial comments in San Diego the other day. Listen, among other things, to what he said. Listen to this.


LIEUTENANT GENERAL JAMES MATTIS, U.S. MARINE CORPS: You go into Afghanistan, you got guys who slapped women around for five years because they didn't wear a veil. You know, guys like that ain't got no manhood left anyway, so it's a hell of a lot of fun to shoot them.


BLITZER: That was the gist of what he said. You've had a chance to look into this. What do you think of that?

RUMSFELD: The commandant of the Marine Corps said that he was concerned about the words, and he counseled with that individual. And as far as I can see, the matter's closed.

BLITZER: No more punishment or retribution or anything like along those lines? He's going to continue on in his career?

RUMSFELD: That appears to be what has been decided by the commandant of the Marine Corps."

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