Wednesday, February 09, 2005

"Roadmap to Peace" - no Israeli drivers??

Condi's Mideast roadmap is being influenced by whom!?
By Caroline B. Glick, Jewish World Review

After the famous "handshake, and as the world holds it breath for yet one more attempt at Israeli-Palestinian peace, Israel is feeling left out of the plans for it's future.

Condi, coming out of the gate at a gallup, is touring the Middle East on her introductory tour with foreign heads of state. And with her is the "street map" to the "road map" to peace, produced by the James Baker Institute for Public Policy at Rice University.

The only problem is this suggested policy was formulated by senior policy makers from the US, the Palestinian Authority, Egypt, Canada and the World Bank. Noticeably absent from the "road map traffic" was Israeli representation, replaced instead by "Yossi Beilin's Geneva Accord crowd."

Amnon Lipkin Shahak and Shlomo Brom, signatories to that subversive agreement where private citizens tried to abscond with the government's sovereign power to determine foreign policy by negotiating the scandalously anti-Israel "accord," participated. They were joined by members of Beilin's EU-financed think tank, the Economic Cooperation Foundation.

The result has several consequences disturbing the Israelis, and deservedly so. It lacks a call for dismantling of Palestinian terror groups, plus requires Israel to 'facilitate the training, arming and operation of the "reformed" Palestinian security services while not interfering with them in any way.' Interpretation? Israel is supposed to train and arm those who haven't lifted a finger in the past to halt terrorist assaults. Hutzpah... To top it all off, a multinational force is set to implement the final agreements - a little detail which Israel interprets as the loss of sovereignty and the ability to defend itself against attacks.

In addition to being soft on Palestinian terrorists, the report supports the precondition that a Palestinian state be "racially pure", cleansed of all Jewish settlers. Now there's a step towards tolerance and peace....

More on the structure of this new Palestinian state, as defined in the Baker policy report:

The report calls for the institution of a draconian regime in the Defense Ministry and the Justice Ministry to effectively prevent any building activities whatsoever from being conducted in the Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria. This regime, "The Special Office on Settlement Activities," will be obliged not simply to act as the enforcer of the attrition of these communities. The report determines that this body will be subordinate to the US embassy in Israel — effectively ceding Israeli sovereignty to the US.

The study even dares to dictate what propaganda moves must be made by the Israeli government to force the Israeli public to accept this policy. A close reading makes it clear that the result of this policy will be the expulsion of more than 400,000 Israeli Jews from their homes. This is so because the destruction of Israeli neighborhoods in Jerusalem is implicit in the section's opening paragraph, which mendaciously claims: "The US government policy has been based on the principle that there can be no acquisition of territory by war."

Not only does this sweeping and totally false statement necessarily include Jerusalem; it can easily be interpreted as saying that the only borders Israel can legitimately claim are the UN partition borders from 1947 since much of the land that makes up the 1949 armistice lines was acquired in war.

The JWR is not alone in it's critique of the plan. Arutz Sheva runs a similar article, Condi's Gift: Partition Plans Redux by Eugene Narrett with much the same complaints, eloquently summed up in it's final paragraph:

Who is more evil, more hostile to the Jews, Bill Clinton or George Bush I, John Kerry or George Bush II, or Rodham or Carter or Ford, etc.? My dear old thing, with the State Department un-purged, it makes no difference. There will be dubious freedom at great cost for "Iraq"; for Israel, tyrannically imposed cleansing of Jews.

Israel is a long time ally of the US, and the closest thing to a true democracy in the region. Hence their battle for survival amidst their Muslim dominated neighbors.

If this interpretation of the proposed Palestinian state is indeed what the US and world have in mind, the Bush administration has effectively thumbed it nose and turned it's back on Israel. Unconcionable, and absolutely *not* the path to peace in the region.

Israel will always defend itself, standingf firm with resolve against all odds and the terrorists bent on their genocide. I have no doubts they will yield only what they think is equitable to this "road map". And beyond that, they will go the road alone if necessary... even to their deaths.

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