Tuesday, February 08, 2005

President close to getting limits on lawsuits

Associated Press
WASHINGTON - Congress is close to making it easier for corporations to dodge many of the class-action lawsuits that businesses say are bankrupting them while rewarding lawyers and doing little to help victims.

Alia Vibe: Sheesh, the AP isn't even trying to obscure their bias anymore: "to dodge"? I hope this law passes. I do believe in rightful lawsuit. But for crying out loud; most all these class-action suits are extortion-by-another-name. SteelPoint, Richmond, CA: Class-action suited. Forms appeared in the newspapers for folks to join in. You ready for requirements, here? If you never even applied for a job because you THOUGHT or FELT you might be "discriminated against", then you were fully qualified to get in on the suit. It's also happened at some prisons. You didn't even have to work there, or even to have applied for job.

It's a retro-kinda thinking. "Sheez, you know hon, come to think of it, I did see an ad in the paper a few years back and they (that company/public entity) were trying to hire; but I just.. I dunno, I just didn't "feel" like it, that day.


MataHarley said...

Personally I'd like to see frivolous lawsuit penalties for class action suit lawyers, Alia. Here in Oregon there's one guy advertising for plaintiffs constantly on TV for his cause of the week.

But, in a nation that has been taught to despise "big business" and "evil corporations", it may be a tough road to hoe against the attorney 'ho's. LOL

Alia said...

Mata -- I'm seeing that here too! The "trolling" for class-action suit lawyer ads. I don't see many takers. John Edwards really set a lot of voters here against "class action suits".

Correction to my poster: It was Pinole Pt Steel in Richmond. Marilyn Patel was prime troller on that one...