Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Leftist rumor mill a'swirl on Iran

Scott Ritter Says U.S. Plans June Attack On Iran
By Mark Jensen, United for Peace of Pierce County

Anxious to continue portraying the Cowboy President as a war mongerer, the rumours are running rampid among leftist blogs that an attack on Iran in summer is on the table, approved by the Commander in Chief personally.

Charges that Bush has already "signed off" on attack plans is led by none other than ex-UN weapons inspector, Scott Ritter. In a speech addressing various anti-war organizations in Olympia WA, Mr. Ritter is reported as accusing the WH of not only plotting war, but rigging the Iraqi elections so that no faction would enjoy the controlling majority in the new assembly.

When questioned, Ritter credited a source "involved" in the election manipulation for the information, and promised that NYT's Seymour Hersh will be releasing his full expose in the New Yorker "soon". He failed to include any source for the military plans accusation.

Dem bloggers feel no need to wait for the story to hit the MSM, nor for confirmation of truth. Just the two statements to the Washington State audience, none of which is a story with the major MSM, and it was welcomed as fuel for Bush haters and immediately accepted as the gospel truth. Ritter, considered a hero to the left despite his ever changing stance on WMD's in Iraq, is considered credible enough a source for the bloggers. Indeed, given any opportunity to portray Bush as a war hungry President, the Bush haters will run amok with half-truths or even lies, as evidenced so many times before.

Thus far Hersch has been silent on this "breaking story" of election subterfuge and war. Instead the MSM carries news that Iran is crying "foul" and accusing the US of spying from the air.

US military denies conducting spy flights over Iran
ABC News Online, AFP

The ABC article reiterates charges from the Washington Post that the US has been flying drones over Iran, investigating the nuclear threat and looking for defence weaknesses. The Iranian intel guru, Minister Ali Younessi says the US has been spying for a long time.

Pardon me, but what comes quickly to my lips is ... so bloody what!

Iran, known as the largest sponsor of terrorist groups, and unquestionably an oppressive regime, gives the world little reason to trust it's intents. So what's the big who-ha here anyway? Also consider that spying and intel between nations have been going on forever. They do it. We do it. And frankly, we need alot more of it in today's times with manical Islamic terrorists bent on controlling a caliphate that encompasses more than half the Euro-Asian continent.

Needless to say, Iran is a state worthy of a our spys' attentions. So forgive me if I feel no need to apologize even if the charges are true.

However you can count on the left to meld both these stories.... soon we will be hearing the spying is a harbinger for another Bush-led "illegal" war on Iran. Wait and see.

I'll go out on a limb one more time. I do not see external forces instigating change in Iran, but rather the overthrow from the growing democratic cries from within. Iran's youth, and more and more of the population, are disgruntled with the theocracy. But I am more than sure that if Iran asks for help entering the democratic fray, they will find a friend in the US.

And, if Iran still plays the extortion game during the nuclear proliferation talks with the Big Euro Three, we may well find many European nations nodding their heads in approval as well.

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TrekMedic251 said...

2 problems with the first story:

1) Scott Ritter is being quoted. Ritter could tell me the sun came up today and I'd STILL look out the window.

2) The NYT is quoted. 'Nuff said.