Thursday, February 10, 2005

“Kill” Bill?

Yo, Mataaaa... this blog item is specifically for you. :) It's authored by Myrna Blyth:

Let's admit it. Hillary is scary. And not only because she is extremely smart, totally driven, and a formidable fundraiser. Hillary's most impressive and most worrisome quality is that she is a self-improver. That girl can learn and change constantly even if it means contradicting herself. "That's not flip-flopping," I bet she'd say, nodding her head, which she always does when she's agreeing, "it's evolving."

You gotta read it! It made me smile, and I flashed on you! and how much you'd relish this nosh of well-put article. :)


TrekMedic251 said...

More on how "formidable" and "centrist" Billary has become:

I found this at Zebra Report:

Pro-life groups are requesting a meeting with pro-abortion Senator Hillary Clinton following her speech last month seeking "common ground" on the issue of abortion. The Christian Defense Coalition is holding a news conference today to make the announcement to the public.

The entire story is at
Steve Ertelt, Editor

Alia said...

I saw that and I thank you for posting here. Be interesting to see if Billary "attends". I think she will. Hey TK -- your profile photo is a crackup. Kinda like the Ghostbusters Pillsbury Doughboy. :)

TrekMedic251 said...

check out my site. I was sufficiently stirred to post a real pic of me (and the template for my icon)!


MataHarley said...

Now cut this out, Alia! You're gonna thoroughly depress our bud, TrekMed. Not only does he detest the thought of Pres Hillary, but if she does indeed win the Oval Office, I fear we may lose him to Timbuktu! LOL

Trust me, I'm watching her progress towards the WH carefully. I suspect we'll have to note even the smallest of holes in her strategy because it's unthinkable to think the Clinton royal couple could pull the wool over the country's eyes yet a third time! OMG!

Hummm... maybe Timbuktu wouldn't be such a bad option....

Hey TrekMed... on that stellar happy face photo and finger of yours - do ya think you can get the tip of that finger purple?