Monday, February 14, 2005

Hillary Praises the UN

Senator Clinton Plays It Cool at Munich Security Conference.

The perennial shapeshifting Mrs Clinton "showered praise on the United Nations as she called on it to reform and uttered only the most indirect rebuke of the Bush administration."

She said the Bush administration and "its conservative allies" had been wrong to denounce the United Nations "in violent terms," since the decisions to deny authority for military action in Iraq were made by the member countries themselves

In violent terms? Fascinating. The little lady is reclaiming socialist speak here... Words equals actions. Oh this gets exciting.


MataHarley said...

No doubt she's trying to keep hubby's desired Secy'-Gen job in place for the future.... LOL

Then again, it's no surprise that the Hill-Billy couple is such devoted internationalists, as they have always been so. Oddly enough, they share this view with Bush the elder.

Dubya, however, is a whole other story. He knows when something is broke... don't play with it!

TrekMedic251 said...

I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! Billary is showing her true colors! &^#%^@%# One-Worlder, neo-Socialist b***h!


Alia said...

Mata and TrekMedic -- based upon all that I've been looking into... it's going to get REALLY interesting. Hang on to your hats!