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Bloggers vs CNN - Eason-Gate

Michelle Malkin has it right in her column today. MSM considers itself a world unto itself. And by my own digging into the matter, it's increasingly clear to me -- there is news, and then there is the pap given us by the MSM. The real news is happening elsewhere, to an elite group, by which we the people are not "allowed". While the MSM will can do use anything against a person, it is not permissible to do the same to members of the elite core of MSM. Eason Jordan has committed eggregious (or in Hillary speak: Violent) verbiage numerous times which borders on treason. But be on the wrong side of politics -- VOILA! INSTANT HAMMER!

Check out this link:

This organization is heavily involved with the Davos spectacular events. Luminaries such as Angelina Jolie, Bono, as well as big media guys (computers, to visual media, as well as print media) all attended.

Joe Farah expresses his wish that Eason had not been fired, but rather allowed to stay as Eason was actually quite upfront on his anti-American views, and we the people should be allowed to watch his further decline as a "news power".

But is there something far more sinister going on? Yes and no.

Check out the World Economic Forum, for one. You can buy a DVD of the 2005 WEF 2005 Annual meeting for 60 francs. So, the assertion that no "video" of Eason's remarks are available is false.

The summary of Gergens session said it upfront:

Will Democracy Survive the Media?


Annual Meeting 2005

If the frank exchange of views between the media and politicians that characterized this session is anything to go by, the answer to the theme question was an emphatic "no". In a discussion that ranged from the disappearance of the county hall news bureau to the killing of journalists in Iraq, an informal consensus was reached that a healthy media makes for a robust democracy and one cannot survive without the other.

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Annual Meeting


Documented in post #50 here, IT SEEMS ODD, that if Jordan's comments were OFF THE RECORD, then WHY/HOW did they get in included in the "official" session summary? Unless someone was transcribing on the spot at the off-record session, it would seem more likely, someone transcribed from a tape, no?

"In a discussion that ranged from the disappearance of the county hall news bureau to the killing of journalists in Iraq, an informal consensus was reached that a healthy media makes for a robust democracy and one cannot survive without the other."

Alia Vibe:Al Gore, who also attended Davos, claimed he invented the Internet. Everyone laughed, but me. During the 90s, I witnessed projects going on via internet in public education programs for students. Projects brought to them by liberals and the Democratic Party. I wasn't laughing as I got to see some of the projects, first hand. It was all about supporting the UN ideology.

I'm all for new technology. And I do understand interests of shareholders. However, there appears to be a moral base missing from this cabal. Last night I wondered how often Hollywood movie stars are used as ambassadors, while on site in foreign countries for movie shoots, for this shadow group.

Perhaps this explains how Hollywood considers itself a "leading voice" in politics.

I begin to smell treason in the air.

In this regard, however, Joe Farrah has it right -- be upfront. The problem is, this cabal is not being upfront. Frankly, I didn't care whether Eason stayed or left; I wanted to see who was there and the content of the conference. However, you have to be a member to attend. And according to this poster who attended the conference, admission to simply take part in this event was $20-$30,000. Gavin Newsom, Bill Clinton, leaders from other countries were there, too.

I next wouldn't be surprised to learn that this cabal already has a very special channel via satellite where the paying members have access, but not just "anyone". They offer "options" for themselves while mandating the masses not have the same options to pick and choose which programs they wish... oh no... for the rank file Must Carry-Must Go is far too great a stretch.

And therein lies another matter: How to guarantee investors and shareholders that their 'agenda' will produce money and results? By manipulating curriculum at pub ed? By engaging 3rd world countries and Europe to be a part of this shadow group? And this is somehow called "democratic"?

Oh yes, I do indeed believe in freedom. But manipulating citizens in order to foist a particular political ideology, particularly one that may be anti-American, amounts to treason, no matter how great a guaranteed return on investment to shareholders.

And lastly, I leave you with this: If freedom of the press is actually what this event is about? Why the war on bloggers, freepers from the MSM? Is the MSM merely providing pap for the public so they won't be watching for something bigger the MSM has up its sleeve? Rush Limbaugh has a huge listenership; but as of yet, no offer awaits him in the MSM. Howard Dean hires and pays bloggers = no outrage. Conservative bloggers? The MSM has declared war against them.

You add the dots.

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