Tuesday, January 18, 2005

What's Wrong with these Women?

Read it yesterday... and got the giggles.

Nonetheless, Lawrence Summers, president of Harvard University, dared to utter a fact: that men and women are different. Various women (scientists, I learn) nearly puked, walked out in outrage during his speech.

I, got the giggles. First off, Lawrence Summer is right; men and women ARE different. But for some "scientific" females to react as they did to his assertion says to me two things: 1. Proves Mr. Summer's assertion, and 2. These women are obviously not very scientific, if, they must react so "emotively" to such an assertion. Can you imagine if some very deadly virus was given a female "name"? eeeUUUWWW -- the outrage in the female scientific community! How dare a killer virus be given a "female" name -- everyone knows -- ONLY MEN KILL. blah de blah de blah.

I feel like chuckling again, here's the quote:

This was too much reality for professors
in the audience to handle. "I would've either blacked
out or thrown up," said Nancy Hopkins, a biologist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who stood up
and left Summers' speech, reports the Boston Globe.
"It is so upsetting that all these brilliant young
women (at Harvard) are being led by a man who views
them this way," she added.

I'm chuckling and because these reactions by these females is repulsive to me. These "people" are all at an "academe" -- which in ancient Greece means: "a place where philosophers would gather to argue for days on end as to what the Truth was".

Argue. Got that? Not go into a near swoon at the mere uttering of a thought.



MataHarley said...

Too funny, ALia. I saw this yesterday and bypassed posting it. Figured it would catch your eye tho.

And I, like you, went to the same thought. The women's reaction to his statements was so chuck full of emotion that it almost lended support to the research he presented.

I read some further stuff on the subject, and it seems this is almost an extension of another beef they have. Evidently some are a tad annoyed with Mr. Summers as they haven't been promoting enough females in the higher up university positions. I guess they wish for a form of affirmative action for females.

Alia said...

The majority of women I've known alllll my life do not whine or have emotional tantrums over this stuff - Most of us gladly recognize the differences between men and women. But! Some women think it's like au so trendy and cute to behave this way. It is not. It does not dignify females whatsoever -- Hopkins and her harpy spewage (or, was that "near" spewage?) :)

Mata -- for how many years have we all gotten fliers, email, etc... jokes from females highlighting the differences between men and women -- vis a vis... the toilet seat jokes? Brain power, Goddess, etc. So here's President Summers positing a theory, and a female is whining. Actually, a few females were whining over a "theory". For scientists.. this seems, a bit.. um "hormonal". Bad hair day. That's what it was.. lol.

MataHarley said...

Let me add TO that, Alia. It's a "few" women whining about a theory and gettin a lotta PRESS for it all! LOL

Alia said...

Yeeaaah! Lots of "press" and none of it "Carey Press". teehee (remembering... Carey Press was "pressed" by the Salem Witchhunters back time.)