Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Condie Hearings?? Aptly named....

Mata Musing

I'm working online this morning, simultaneously monitoring the Condie hearings.

Hearings... oh my word... aptly named. Mostly Condie having the "hear" all the BS from Biden, Kerry, etal. I wager if you measured floor time in minutes, that Condie doesn't have much time to talk, but plenty of listening time!

You know the crowd and the drill. These aren't questions, but condescending lectures. All of them first preface their "questions"... if indeed they even get around to them... with Dem talking points of failure in Iraq. It's like a replay of the presidential campaign all over again!

Kerry was particularly funny. They welcomed him back. Wonder if someone had to show him thru the halls again. He hasn't been at his job for the MASS citizens for a very long time. Fully 1/3rd of his term.

Then he used all of his time before getting to his "troop level in Iraq" question. Says he's hesitant about her appointment based on her past 4 years' performance, and that her answer on troop levels in Iraq "disturbed" him. Then, of course, he expounded on all the "truths" he garnished from his visit to Iraq.

Imagine... a few days viewing Iraq and talking to people, and now he and others who visited are unmitigated experts. I can't believe we pay these people at all, let along so much money.

I've got to hand it to Condie. She doesn't drop eye contact, has a poker face, and doesn't rise to the bait.

But my burning question is... why are they asking a Sec'y of State nominee questions that should appropriately be put to a Sec'y of Defense? Do they truly expect she's going to pass on the military strategy to these dolts when it is not her jurisdiction?

Idiots... we have idiots with attitudes in Congress. And they never go away! Sigh


Alia said...

You are absolutely right! They are asking her questions which should in "real time" be asked of someone else. Hmmm... could it be that the Dems knew (in light of the 911 Commission "Fiasco) (wherein Condi came out smelling like a rose) they had only this shot at attempts to defile her? I think the Dems were merely mouthing what will be used by the lefties as their newer "raLLYING" charges. I can see the picket signs now already being framed up...

TrekMedic251 said...

The one truly good thing to come out these hearings will be that the Dems/neo-Socialists will show their true colors. I just hope somebody remembers their words come 2006/2008!