Friday, January 21, 2005

Police Probe Allegation Against Bill Cosby Wires
Friday, Jan. 21, 2005

LOS ANGELES - A female acquaintance of comedian Bill Cosby has made an allegation against him that has prompted a police investigation in Pennsylvania, the entertainer's attorney said Thursday.

Los Angeles attorney Walter Phillips would not discuss the specifics of the allegation - which he called "utterly preposterous" - but said it amounts to, at the most, "inappropriate touching."

No charges have been brought against Cosby, but Phillips said authorities have begun an investigation. He said the accuser, who lives in Canada, knows Cosby and the alleged incident in question happened about a year ago.

Police in Cheltenham Township, Pa., a Philadelphia suburb where Cosby has a home, declined to comment.

"I know the person making the accusation hasn't been contacted by authorities," Phillips said in a telephone interview with The Associated Press. "We are hopeful and optimistic that no charges will be brought forward."

A resident of Durham, Ontario, about 25 miles northwest of Toronto, contacted Durham Regional Police about a sexual assault that occurred in the United States, said Dave Selby, spokesman for the Canadian force.

---end snip

Alia Vibe: Timing accounts for so much. Just ask any crime expert. And sexual harassment laws clearly were designed to help women... do what? Harass men? Bill Cosby has an excellent message for the black community. It was a rough start; but it is getting through, and it is a strong message, and a message of the purest kind of love: tough love. So, he's making waves, and the waves are obviously being received. Suddenly? A Canadian Female, one year after the fact, shrieks he "sexually" harassed her. If it turns out to be a frivolous case, it is irrelevant -- his reputation is tarnished by the charge; and those in cahoots with this female know this. For her to wait ONE YEAR to make this charge? It stinks.

During the 90s, feminists made it legally possible for a female to engage in sex, touching but decry it afterwards as an assault upon her person. Meaning? She consented, and then she changed her mind, afterwards. Like? It's all been reduced to the level of returning a purchased then returned-for-refund/exchanged product to WalMart? ? ?

It makes women look stupid.

Cases like these abuse "sexual harassment" laws which were intended to help women being harassed in the workplace. Obviously, it's a rotten law given it has morphed into a legal spear by which to nick at opponents to the liberal agenda. Okay, pony up time -- Where's the headlines showing conservative women using "sex harassment" against their political opponent groups? I have yet to see one.

And it disgusts me to see sex harassment "laws" going the way of "rape" laws, and the abuse of "sex" molestation" charges used frequently in child custody cases. So many instances of "false" rapes are burying the plight of women truly raped.

Why did it take a year for this charge to get through?

I think I shared with ya'll, I've been watching MSM TV again, regularly. I've been on a deliberate hiatus since 1993, with a brief on period during 1994. There's a couple of good shows. But what I still can't *get* are these reality-tv shows. These make me cringe; and I cannot watch these. They are unwatchable except by anyone simply addicted to staring at a tv tube, IMHO. And I feel the same way about so much which is passing as "news". Like the above charges against Bill Cosby.


TrekMedic251 said...

I don't like to sound paranoid, but it seems the more Cosby speaks out against today's black youth (and counter to what professional protesters like Jesse Jackson indoctrinate) the more the MSM goes trying to smear him.

MataHarley said...

Of course they do, TrekMed. Look at Ward Connerly and his battle *against* affirmative action.

Colin Powell and Condi Rice, both black, hold high positions in the administration. But the racist black leadership, which include Jesse and Sharpton, refuse to acknowledge their color or their accomplishments. They are "white" in their to their eyes.

The MSM and black extreme leadership ostracizes any and every one who is black, but not parroting the Dem talking points.

But I'll put my money on Cosby anyday. He's a powerhouse in his own right, and does not back down lightly. We need more like him, Ward, Condie and Colin speaking their minds.