Friday, January 21, 2005

East O'the Sun, West O'the Moon -- The Political Split

(hint: One of my favorite fairy tales as a child was East O'the Sun...).

Take the following story: Winter Weather Takes Toll on Ohio, N.C. Oh, yessiree, Bub -- this storm, unpredicted (I had heard "flurries) royally socked the Raleigh area and northparts. Was it the snow, per se? About 1-3 inches, nothing bad. It was the chaos of drivers and people that made this event an "event". And two days after it happens, it hits mainstream. Interesting. But why this reaction in the people of Raleigh Area to "panic" and get out of Dodge? Because there EXISTS a history of "snow down" locking the area in for as much as a week due to snow and ice. Folks in my locale tell of being unable to drive and with electricity DOWN for as much as a week, in winters. Ergo, unpredicted snow begins to fall - and the people know -- get home or possibly be "trapped" at the office, at the school, on the side of the road -- for maybe even a week.

That's the real story. It isn't included anywhere in ANY single reporting I've seen. The snow fell, and the folks moved all at once. What needs to happen, IME, taking my lessons from earthquake country, is folks need to have "disaster plans" in place -- stayover plans locally. Phone numbers to call of numbers to house the children. A disaster plan. Nope. Folks just want to get home. And the powers that be know this. So what to do.

The night of the "event", I was shocked! to hear people blasting the Mayor of Raleigh. Now I'm shocked to hear the mayor blasting the meteorologists. Stunned, amazed, I am over the fingerpointing.

I'm longtime from earthquake countries and parts of the world, you see.... I figure "earthquakes" and the inability to pinpoint exactly when and where they will strike is why the loony left "blames" God.

But here in God's country, I hear folks blaming other folks. Here's my take on this matter, then onto my larger point.

Here in NC, we've got a range of winds and pressures coming from all directions. NC sticks "out" into the Atlantic. We were supposed to have snow last night. Didn't happen here. (The children are bummed; they were hoping for "Snow Day".) North Carolina is akin to Hawaii in re "winds and pressure fronts". I guess they haven't realized that yet, or learned to make it into an exotic, romantic matter. It could be done so in this fashion. Actually, it should be done so. But where NC differs from Hawaii? Hawaii doesn't get extremes (not withstanding tsunamis, typhoons). NC weather "extremes" is seasonal. Hawaii? Not necessarily so.

I don't blame anyone for what happened in NC two days back. I think everyone was doing the best they knew how to do. Guess this is why we're a red state and ardent believers in the Almighty - so regularly given clues, but no definites -- which keeps folks humble. (Unlike, CA).

Now to politics. Again. I'm still parsing, assimilating, formulating my working hypotheses. The coastlines couldn't be more different in not just weather; but politics.

As I've blogged before, the Democrats here in NC are like the Repubs in CA. And the Dems in CA are like the control feaks generally located in NC surrounding and teaching at the NC Colleges and Universities. "Race" here in NC is very different from "Race" in California.

I've interviewed some Dems, here in NC. They feel censored by Republicans. From what I've learned from very non-politically involved Dems, they've been shouted down in discourse with Republican citizens. Still, from further questioning -- this censorship still doesn't even begin to match what goes on in re censorship by Dems in CA over Repub citizens. We're talking harassment, and criminal activities against Repubs.

And frankly, I've encountered some Repubs here -- who put me in mind of Democrats in CA - behavior-wise. A tad rude and in-yer-face.

Here in NC, I can walk into any place of business or office room, and I can instantly detect "liberal ideology" or not. I can determine whether a business is just "marketing" some of the newer ideas, as opposed to "political agenda-izing" a liberal ideology.

I'm a bone fide "ghost buster". From overlong living in CA: I've acquired my own internal political-seismic register. I doubt it will ever go away.

Rush is right, very right to carefully differentiate between Democrats and Socialists (in the Dem party, known as "liberals"). Rush calls 'em the "Looney Left". He's being funny. These people are funny; but some of them are dangerous and noxious. Just as the left loves to shriek about "kkkers" hiding out in the Republican party, the Dem Party has thugs and criminals they are "covering" for; and apparently doing little to clean their own house.

If they do not clean their own house, they are going to continue to get rolled. I watched the "photo session" of the "inauguration" yesterday. Pelosi stood off to a side. And I watched President Bush very assertively leave the session, if you get my drift (for those who saw this too). Good. It has to be done. You do not befriend those who intend harm. Liberal dems intend harm. It's part and package of their agenda. It's unfortunate the Dem Platform opens itself up to this type of infiltration, as we've all witnessed the rot and corruption spread through the past 30+ years.

The twining of "race" with political party has got to be addressed. If most minorities here in NC consider themselves Dems, and the Dem Party heads are libs -- no wonder the minorities here would think being shouted down (for their political views) constitutes "racism".

I'm addressing a 4-way split being foisted, fostered and used by Liberals and the MSM.

Out in CA, minorities who are Republicans get censored, abused, routinely. The don't shriek "racism"; they consider the censorship a viscious act of Liberal partisan-politics -- not race.

And there's a reason the MSM doesn't cover these splits. Yes, talk radio and columnists write about the bias of the media, of the MSM. We need to be far more explicit.

What I have learned thus far -- is how shocked folks are by my stories of life in the "holding pen" known as CA, as run by Lib-Dems.

More than a few Democrats, after hearing my stories about pub ed "goings on" -- snort, and say no such thing would ever happen here -- all people would be storming the barricades.

It is difficult for Dems here to comprehend that what is called "Dem" in CA -- is NOT "Dem" in NC.

And so, liberal activists and the MSM are constantly doing a bait and switch with regard to the issues and news du jour.

I think that for unity to succeed this split has got to be addressed, and with each of the splits carefully, clearly identified, delineated, studied, described and delivered to the Public. We also need folks in the mid-lands to be very clearly aware of the split "use" so they do not get caught in the crosshairs of encroaching liberal ideology. Which is of course, from recent analysis and observation of "lib/dem" output, is what is in the plans. Dems, along with MSM, are going to go hogwild in moving this agenda forward. If they can do this, they can possibly sell a Hillary. Howard Dean, IMO, is just being "set-up" for his contact base at the colleges (and of course, fundraising). He's not a serious contender for the position head of DNC, unless of course, the winds "change" over the next 4 years -- contingent upon the progress made in the mid-lands, and parts of the east coast.

We talk all the time about language skewings. Here's the biggest one I've seen -- and it involves location perception. It's a dumbed down language used by Democrats and brought to us all by the MSM. News from the West being Portrayed as "meaningful" to folks on the East and vice versa. It ain't the same kettle of fish.

We're talking about TWO SEPARATE very distinct language and perception sets but being used, quite cleverly, to addle.

These building blocks of understanding the "splits" has got to happen, IME. And look out for the fastballs. Libs are going to be quite nasty over being laid bare so soon in the game.

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