Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Media responsible for rise in anti-Semitism

Rising UK anti-semitism blamed on media
By Chris McGreal (in Jerusalem, The Guardian

Ya THINK? LOL! To journalists, they think their headlines are merely catch phrases. Why on earthy they can't understand that they are helping to shape culture and nurture hatred because of their sensationalism is beyond me.

But the facts are that assaults by Arabs and Muslims against Jews in Britain is rising, and the blame is settling on the British media and it's biased and sensationalized reporting of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

It might be prudent to mention here that Britain is not the "winner", based on the total number of attacks on Jews. That dubious honor belongs to the French. Surprise, surprise.

The report is the product of the Israeli gov't. Not that I question it's results, mind you. But I guarantee you that most will discard the message because of the ethnicity of the messenger... a connundrum that exists because the results of the report are, indeed, fact.

But more British voices are chiming in with their support.

The Board of Deputies of British Jews, which is publishing its own statistics next month, supported the report's conclusions. Its spokesman, Jason Pearlman, accused the BBC of "unrelenting anti-Israel bias".

Unfortunately they too will have the same "messenger" problem.

With the British about to yield their sovereignty to the EU all too soon, they will find themselves among kindred spirits. The anti-Semitic attitudes running rampid thru the EU elitist countries, and espoused in the UN Security Council voting, is all too common.

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