Thursday, January 27, 2005

Lib Attack!: Were you a Republican Before You Were Born: You must Disclose!

Today is chock full of fascinating data. First off, my sorrow over the marines (31) in Iraq. Second, the suicidal (blue zoner?) responsible for 10 dead, hundreds injured in Southern CA train crash. He was trying to commit suicide, like a feminist - changed his mind, and many, many people paid the price for his "decisions'. He's going to be charged with murder as he should be.

However, the litmus "test" on conservative commentators must be disclosed at all times! lol. Today, it is Mr. Krauthammer, being accosted by liberal illogic.

Mr. Krauthammer was "among a group of people invited to the White House" pre-inauguration speech, and then he had the audacity to both praise President Bush's speech AND while not disclosing that he already may have had a "gist" of it before it was delivered.


So. Let's see if I have this right. John Kerry voted Yes before He Voted No. Whereas, Mr. Krauthammer is accused of attending "yes" before writing "yes". Oh, my!

Could it be that, all media are implicated in this charge? YEP.

Pre-release excerpts of President Bush's inauguration speech were sent out to all major media prior to the actual presentation. Therefore, all negative commentary, editorials, articles, slamming the President's speech are guilty of not-disclosing that they'd already read excerpts of the speech in advance of presentation; ergo, and according to their own illogic: they are guilty of disliking the speech before ever HEARING IT, and are therefore also guilty of not disclosing this fact in their own columns, editorials, and punditry on air and in print.

Yo, Dem? Get off your feet -- yer standing on 'em!

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