Saturday, January 29, 2005

Everyone's a military expert nowadays...

France repeats call for foreign troop pullout from Iraq
Paris (Reuters) from Sign On San Diego

French PM Jean-Pierre Raffarin is adding his voice to the whining American left, led by Senators Boxer, Byrd and Kennedy, pushing for nigh on immediate withdrawal of US Coalition troops from Iraq.

As fodder for his utter nonsense, Raffarin quotes UN Resolution 1546, - another winning little ditty by the UN Security Council that unaminously supports the interim govt, a constitutionally elected government by 12/31/2005, and an "end of occupation" by June 2005.

All this BS is from a body who has done nothing to help the Iraqis, nor believed that Saddam should have been deposed despite violations of 17 previous Resolutions. It might also be pointed out that the humanitarian efforts were snuffed as aid workers fled the moment they were in harm's way.

However the US representative made it quite clear that the UN's suggested timetable was subject totally to the Iraqis themselves.

The United States’ representative, a lead sponsor, called the passage a vivid demonstration of broad international support for a unified Iraq. He said the resolution defined the key political task in which the United Nations should play a “leading and vital” role. It made clear that Iraq’s sovereignty would be “undiluted” and that its Government would have the final say on the presence of the multinational force.

For the French PM to demand the US stick to his version of the Resolution is quite absurd. For the first to break rank with the responsibilities laid out was the UN itself, who is virtually invisible with it's support, and has done nothing with reconstruction of the country.

But then, everyone's a military expert today. And even more astounding, not one of these puffed up wannabe commander-in-chiefs seems to care an iota of what the Iraqis want.

Perhaps all these bozos should all bone up on their reading skills, and clean their ears out with wax. Bush has repeatedly said over and over again that the US troops would leave the minute the Iraqis say "go".

But the Iraqis are no fools. They do not plan on risking their new found opportunities because of the inability to fight the terrorists who impede their progress. When they are confident they have the training, equipment and manpower to stand on their own, they will waste no time in bidding the coalition troops adieu.

Considering that the US coalition is not unwanted by those who are benefitting directly from their presence in this stage, all the MSM and elected elitists' opinions on exit strategies and withdrawal timetables is nothing more than leftist grandstanding. It's certainly not what the Iraqis want. And it certainly doesn't qualify as news.

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