Saturday, January 29, 2005

Brits & Euros clueless to EU membership

Europeans 'ignorant' of EU treaty
BBC News

Euro-nations are resting high hopes on an EU success. Britain, likely to lose independent control over issues governed by the central EU government, risks it all in order to become part of what has been called "The United States of Europe".

But evidently British and Euro citizens prefer to bash the US and coalition rather than read up on their fate.

The EU Constitution was approved last month, with Hungarian and Lithuanian parliments already making ratifications. But a single nay vote can stop the EU's finalization in it's tracks.

Polls show the Constitution will be the hardest sell in the UK, where 30% are firmly opposed, 20% support. That leaves half the population clueless to the whole subject.

An Euro-wide poll of 25,000 showed 89% of those polled knew whit about the content or details.

The EU-wide poll, conducted by Eurobarometer in October last year, found that only 11% felt they knew the content of the European Constitution "globally".

Some 56% said they knew a little, while 33% had never heard of the constitution.

But they are quick to add they'll be voting in favor.

It'll be a tough lesson learned for Euro-citizens... they should take the time to research the issues before hitting the polling sites. Since they know not what they cast ballots for, they'll be living with the results - like it or not.

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