Friday, December 03, 2004

So. Where's the Tzar?


Remains of the last Russian emperor Nikolas II, which were buried in Peter and Paul Cathedral in St.Petersburg in 1998, do not belong to the Russian Tsar, the president of the center investigating the details of the Romanovs Royal Family's death, Vadim Viner said on Thursday.
According to the historian, specialists discovered the absence of fillings in the teeth of the skeleton, which had been buried in the cathedral. Scientists, therefore, believed that the remains belonged to an absolutely different person.

"Nikolas II has notes in his diary. The tsar wrote that he had visited a dentist. The tsar's doctor Maria Rendel has similar notes too. The records contain a detailed description of the dental work, the fillings in particular. Forensic medics examined the skeleton, which was considered to be the remains of Nikolas II, but did not find any tooth fillings," Vadim Viner said.
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