Saturday, November 13, 2004

-Smoke 'em if you gots 'em

Some people really don't know when to shut up, do they? There's a spate of angry letters to newspapers and networks in outrage against this photo, broadcast on Dan Rather news, of Fallujah warrior Marine Lance Cpl. James Blake Miller, 20, a country boy from Kentucky... and because he's got a smoke in his mouth.

AP reports an interview with Lance Corporal Miller's mother. Her closing sentence and end of the article quotes her saying this:

Webber said her son's decision to join the Marines has changed the way she thinks about America.

"Until my son went into the Marines, I never really realized what that flag stood for - but now I do," she said.

She knows what the flag stands for - the ciggie-obssessed clearly, do not.


MataHarley said...

I saw this on cable news yesterday, Alia.... As a hobbyist photographer, it truly wow'd me.

I wouldn't worry about the anti-nicotine obsessed, tho. It's common knowledge that those little blue spots in the nation who house, as Geraldine Ferraro purports, the "most talented" in the nation, also control the media flap. And, as the election proved, we all know that the rest of the nation demonstrates the best of American "tolerance" and just ignores them.

Instead, might I dare say there isn't a woman (hetro leaning, of course) in the US that won't find this photo a poignant reminder of why we found the "Marlboro Man" so danged sexy!

Alia said...

Cutting edge comment, Mata.

Lookie this headline: A smoke break creates icon of the war; now groupies seek out the weary Marine at: