Friday, November 19, 2004

Bushie Kisses!

What is this.. the third story I've glanced upon commenting (implied: upset) over President Bush giving a cheek-kiss to females but not males? Yep. It must be a dry spell. The election is over and the news feeding frenzy is going through withdrawal.

Just gotta keep the Bush Conspiracy peoples with ANY kind of fodder.

Frankly, there be no small number of women who are ooohing and aaahing, and wouldn't at all mind a kiss from the Pres. :)


MataHarley said...

OMG, Alia! This article is hysterical! The fact that it's more reminiscent of a society column may explain why it's appearing in "fashion" section of the Post. I about spit out the morning coffee, lauthing a I read the accounts of Condi's "acceptance" wear, the style of kisses.

Ya know, Bush is just a warm sort of guy. Kissing the girls and backpats are just part and parcel of who he is by all appearances. Don't know the man... just going on instincts.

Of course, now I'm dying to find out where you saw the other stories on "the kisses"!

Thanks for the morning grin. Now I'll have to

MataHarley said...

... finish this sentence. Uh... what was I going to say?

Never mind. Gotta love senility.

Alia said...

Mata -- thing that cracks me up is... someone is trying to turn this into a) a discrimination story (a. he won't kiss the guys; b. How Dare he kiss an "equal" -- how unprofessional"; but c. It just sounds like a bunch of male and/or female authors JEALOUS that they didn't get a kiss from Da Bushie!; and that the Prez only smooches female Republicans.) :) I hope they write even more on this subject. heeheee....

MataHarley said...

Well you may be disappointed, mon bud Alia. I can't find whit about it on any of the news sites, nor on TV news. And I don't see it playing anywhere on the international front yet either.

I guess there's only a few editors desperate enough to grab something so transparent as a main storyline.