Friday, March 07, 2008

From the "HUH?" files

IHT's Bernd Debusmann has one absurd article today, "Hypocrisy never makes for good foreign policy". It's mostly a story of Michael Scheurer, the former head of the "get Bin Laden" unit under Clinton, bemoaning the fact that US leaders - present and past - don't understand the "whys" of the Global Islamic Jihad Movement.

In his recently published book, "Marching Toward Hell: America and Islam after Iraq," Scheuer argues that the United States faces more trouble because its leaders refuse to recognize what drives terrorism.

President George W. Bush argues that terrorists "hate our freedoms, our freedom of religion, our freedom of speech, our freedom to vote." But polls show that the bedrock of support for militancy among the world's 1.3 billion Muslims is the detestation of U.S. foreign policies.

Scheuer faults U.S. leaders for failing to acknowledge the grievances that bin Laden laid out in precise detail, which were adopted by the followers he inspired. They were: the U.S. presence in the Arabian Peninsula; unqualified support for Israel; U.S. support for states oppressing Muslims, especially China, India and Russia; U.S. exploitation of Muslim oil; U.S. support and financing of authoritarian Arab regimes.

Were one to use Scheuer's route to peace, there would be no US embassies - nay, even a Mickey D's - present in the Middle East, we'd be cut off from Middle East oil supplies, and our trade with China and India would be no more. That's the price, right Scheurer? Just adopt Middle East isolationist policies in order to appease those miffed jihadists, and we're safe?

Well blow it out your ear, Bubba. No wonder we never got Bin Laden under Clinton, with bozos like this at the helm. And to think there was a moment in one article in the past where I thought he might make strategic sense??? Shame on me for that moment of gullibility.

But WAIT.. there's MOOOOOORE! Get this next excerpt.

Polls show that radicals - potential suicide bombers and hostage takers - and moderate Muslims are in favor of moving toward more democracy, a process stifled in many places by authoritarian rulers who enjoy the backing of the United States.

HUH???... try this quote from AP's Cairo division, Jan 12, 2005 on for size:

In a 33-page address last month, bin Laden, the Saudi-born millionaire-turned-terrorist, called for turning Iraq into an Islamic state that would eventually be part of a worldwide Islamic empire.


Bin Laden's message also scoffed at plans for Iraqi elections, saying democracy was un-Islamic.

Just to show that OBL's not the lone wolf on the "democracy is un-Islamic" front:

From The Sidney Morning Herald's
Iraqi rebels decree democracy is un-Islamic:

A statement, posted on the website of the Ansar al-Sunna group on Thursday and co-signed by the Islamic Army in Iraq and the Army of the Mujahideen, told Iraqis not to take part in "the farce of democracy and elections". It described democracy as "un-Islamic" and polling booths as "centres of atheism".

Or how about the more recent Dec 28th article in the Daily Times (Pakistan), quoting the Taliban leader (who asked not to be named) when battling JUI-F's Maulana Fazlur Rahman over boycotting the Pakistan elections:

BANNU: A senior Taliban leader warned parties on Thursday against “using religion for electoral gains”, saying they would join parties urging boycott of January 8 polls.

“In Shariah, democracy is un-Islamic. Our movement is completely against what you call democracy in which a small majority can decide irrespective of the fact whether what they have done was good or bad,” the Taliban leader, asking not to be named, told Daily Times in an interview here.

He said the Taliban were “against elements who are using Islam for electoral gains”.

For the definition-of-terrorist-challenged, it can be said that all Muslim jihadists (i.e. "radicals") are seeking implementation of Shariah/Islamic law.

Now let's revisit that inane statement... "the polls show radicals - - potential suicide bombers and hostage takers - and moderate Muslims are in favor of moving toward more democracy..."

Either one must admit the poll results are utterly worthless. Or that this author, or Scheuer... probably both... about dumber than dirt about the global jihad movement. You guys want believe the idiots who conducted that poll? Well, I got some swamp land to sell ya in Baghdad....


Anonymous said...

Bingo! And this guy was supposed to catch UBL? He couldn't catch a cold.

All those things UBL claims as grievances are nothing but excuses in the pursuit of his own power mongering.

Ray Robison

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

But polls show that the bedrock of support for militancy among the world's 1.3 billion Muslims is the detestation of U.S. foreign policies.

A number of people all over the world express anti-American and anti-U.S. foreign policy grievances (that are skewed in perspective), yet they don't go around blowing up innocent civilians to make the point.

Scheuer is nutty. Just because he was a CIA intell analyst and the "go-to" expert on bin Laden, who he failed to catch, doesn't mean his perspective on the facts and the conclusions he's drawn are the correct assessments to have. Just look at the number of "experts in their field" with credentials to flaunt, teaching at American Universities. How many Ward Churchills and Howard Zinns would you say have correct opinions from a lifetime of study in their field of expertise? Just because they studied "facts", doesn't mean they have sound opinions on the facts.

MataHarley said...

The guy is so disconnected from who the Islamic jihad movement is, and their culture and mentality, it's scary, Wordsmith. I guess, were I to sum in up in minced speech, he is too "western" culturally to "get it". i.e their views of negotiations as a sign of weakness,that they will not compromise on the base of their beliefs to isolate Muslims from anything western, that they have the right and religious duty to attack and kill infidels that conflict with their demands, and their ultimate quest.

In short, we can only be thrilled Scheuer is no longer in charge of anything but his own tongue in the media.

Acquiescing by removing western influence... as he says, "acknowledging their grievances"... is tandamount to US economic suicide. Not to mention the repercussions on our economy. But he thinks we leave, they're happy.

Islam in the ME countries, whether they like America or not, are slowing moving by choice and election to moderation. (With the exception of Palestine, of course. They moved to socialism by voting in Hamas and their welfare programs. It was not a vote for violence or jihad.) This move is healthy.

Unfortunately the US is nationally shifting left. The GOP is becoming the old Kennedy era liberals, the DNC liberals are becoming extreme progressive socialists. This is *not* healthy. However it's a trend I fear cannot be reversed.

BTW, thanks for taking time out at the busy FA to visit.