Saturday, January 05, 2008

Afghan Islamic Council wants
public executions reinstated

Apparently the Qu'ran instructs conversion of infidels to Islam, or death. However it's highly intolerant of conversion *from* Islam.... truly a "my way or the highway" attitude.

Not unexpected news of the day - the Islamic Council's complaint to Afghan president Karzai about conversions to Christianity happening in the country. They want Karzai to not only to prevent foreign aid groups influence on Afghans, but also have demanded that public executions again be reintroduced.

The council, an influential group but without binding authority, is made up of Islamic clergy and ulema (scholars) from various parts of Afghanistan and made the warning in a statement during a meeting with Karzai on Friday

The ulema have always played a crucial role in Afghanistan and have been behind a series of revolts against past governments.

But since the ousting of Taliban's radical Islamic administration by U.S.-led troops in 2001, Afghanistan has seen an unprecedented period of freedoms.

"The council is concerned about the activities of some ... missionary and atheistic organs and considers such acts against Islamic sharia (law), the constitution, and political stability," said a copy of the statement obtained by Reuters.

"If not prevented, God forbid, catastrophe will emerge, which will not only destabilize the country, but the region and the world."


Strict interpretations of Islam as practiced in Afghanistan treat conversions as apostasy, which is punishable by death.

The council also urged Karzai to stop local TV stations from airing Indian soap operas and movies -- enormously popular in Afghanistan -- which they said showed obscenities and scenes which threatened the morality of society.

Unfortunately, with freedom of choice comes really bad western-style TV shows. It's really tempting to mandate some level of entertainment or intelligence standards from Hollywood and foreign spawn. But with the good comes the bad. That's where there are channel changers, remotes, and childblocker software. Maybe we should come up with a "ShariaBlocker" software to sell in caliphate areas... ah... the capitalist in me is at work.

Seriously, anyone with half a memory can recall the broadcasts and reports of the Friday stadium murders prevalent in Afghanistan in 2002. A return to those times is not good. And apparently, the Islamic Council has taken a firm stance against any religious tolerance in new Afghanistan.

Karzai instructed various government departments to address the demands of the council, but stopped short of committing to change, Jebrayeli said.

"If he fails to listen to the Ulema, people will further distance themselves from the government (and) there will be more pessimism and instability," he said.

Somehow I doubt that the majority of Afghans want a return to oppression. So that pessimism and instability predicted by the Sharia puppet, Jebrayeli, will continue to be from Islamic jihadists in the nation - executed in order to reinstate Islamic law in the country. And that's a battle I suspect they will lose. The denizens have tasted freedom from oppression. And while their lives are not perfect, the only way they'd turn back is if forced at gunpoint and sabre.


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