Saturday, January 05, 2008

More idiocy in journalism... Justice Wm Clinton?

Bill Means at CNN's Washington Bureau adeptly demonstrated his incompetent research abilities and knowledge of recent current events.

In his today's article,
"If Clinton wins, would Justice Clinton be far behind?", he ponders the possibilty that a Hillary win could result in Teflon Bill being nominated to the Supreme Court.

What Mr. Means failed to uncover is that the Supreme Court not only disbarred Clinton, but removed his name from the roster of lawyers approved for practice at the Supreme Court in Nov 2001. You'll find a collection of articles on this subject

Now what makes Mr. Means think that a lawyer who's banned from even an appearance in the Supreme Court as an attorney will pass muster by any Congress... other than a completely corrupt one... as a nominee to sit on that same court?

Not only is this speculation "not news", but it's an absurd tangent to take - even as speculation - trying to pass itself off as "news". Idiots.... we have idiots in charge of educating the American voting public. One can only wonder why Means spent even a nanosecond on penning this waste of space.

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