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Islamic jihadists hail Aussie
withdrawal under Rudd a "victory"

Mata Musing: This all stems from Howard's election loss, and Rudd's ensuing Iraq military decisions as new Aussie PM. With a possible Dem in the WH come 2009, can another "victory" claim and yet more taunts from the Global Islamic Jihad Movement be far behind? With this new found "victory" mentality and confidence, can more assaults be on the horizon?

I think all of us recognize that, with this enemy, it's not if... but when. But if you are still a doubter, perhaps this Jan 25, 2008 interview with Pakistan Taliban leader, Baitullah Mehsud, may sober you up..

"We want to eradicate Britain and America, and to shatter the arrogance and tyranny of the infidels. We pray that Allah will enable us to destroy the White House, New York, and London. We place our trust in Allah. Soon, we will witness the miracles of jihad. I myself have experienced many miracles. Every time I was determined to do something, I prayed to Allah, and he made it possible. Our jihad is defensive jihad. Our determination is great, and it is directly entirely against Britain and America. The soldiers of heresy who have come here to oppress the Muslims - we will respond to their injustice and tyranny. One of the miracles of jihad will be that sooner or later, we will destroy their countries."

Just remember, voters... you gets what you asks for. I do believe that whomever wins the election - Dem or GOP - they are still "my" President. Because of this shared repercussion of an election, I pray voters are wise. For it's quite possible that our decision this fall - if not so wise - may cost the blood of many others in the determined quest for a one-sided peace.

Sean McCormack speaks the truth,
as he did in an Oct 2007 press conference, when he reiterated (INRE the PPK) "you can't negotiate with a terrorist organization." Lest ye think this is partisan rhetoric, the proof lies in Pakistan's recent history. Ryan Crocker and Musharraf attempted to quell violence by negotiations and deals with Islamic jihadists in the tribal regions. Crocker, in an interview, himself admitted, "Well, I think what it showed is there are some people you simply cannot make deals with." (see also Frontline's PBS special, "The Return of the Taliban"). These are not the idle words of pols hoping to rack up votes and gain power. These are from those dealing with the enemy and our allies daily.

And you must also remember another fact - the Taliban are only another al Qaeda with a different patch on their jackets. A rose by any other name...

Translation of the gloating jihadists is provided in it's entirety below. Australia's Mark Schliebs responds (sorta) to the jihad website claims with this story.


'Fleeing like a cornered mouse'
January 31, 2008 12:00am

BELOW is the full statement from insurgent group the Jihad and Reform Front posted on a propaganda website on December 5, 2007, translated from Arabic for

The political office of The Conquerors’ Army:

Australia – a new ally fleeing like a cornered mouse

In the name of God All-Merciful, All-Compassionate

“They will not fight against you all together unless it is in fortified villages or behind walls, their valour is great among themselves; you think them whole, but their hearts are scattered because they are an irrational people”. (The Mustering: 14)

Praise God the guide of clouds, revealer of the book and defeater of parties, prayers and peace to the maternal Prophet, to kin and friends, to beloved followers and to those who follow them and walk their path to judgment day.

Now then: -

Despite the deception of their Christian enemies, their allies and spiteful agents the Moslem fighters are going from victory to victory and from strength to strength. This is confirmation of the saying of His Majesty: “Those who struggle in Our cause will be guided with Our ways for God is with the benevolent”. (The Spider: 69). It is upon the Moslem fighter to be truthful, sincere in conscience and to present his work and effort, but victory is from the Lord the Custodian and Victor.

Hence when the cross and its allied corroborators exercise their muscles while a series of collapses of its allies and their withdrawals around the Americans continue these will be the result of painful blows to the Christians at the hands Moslem fighters.

It was not but, almost, yesterday when some allies withdrew and today we see the withdrawal of another Christian ally leaving the Americans drowning alone in this swamp. God willing this ally is Australia, and despite the few numbers of soldiers that this country has in the Christian Alliance its withdrawal will be considered an achievement and victory to be added to the numerous victories of the Moslem fighters, praise God. This is proof of the collapse of the alliance through the kindness of God, the Majesty, and the powerful arms of those heroes who lost their blood and money for God their Lord to please Him, the Almighty.

It is proof that the Moslem fighters have walked the right path to victory and empowerment, God permitting, and toward removing the occupier whomever he be from all Moslem lands and toward establishing rational leadership, God permitting, as our beloved and Imam had promised it will be - rational in the way of the prophets. We look forward to that day and are certain of it with every conviction and ask God Almighty that that day will return our people to glory and victory and that the rule in the land will return to God’s law. This is what we ultimately hope for and seek to achieve and will achieve, God willing, through ourselves sooner, or our sons later.

On this occasion we call on all Moslem fighters from all factions working on the land in beloved Iraq to always, in keeping with their undertaking to Moslem kin, to be as one, rather to be as one hand with their like, to crown these ensuing victories by declaring the unification of all the factions of Moslem fighters in Iraq under one title, and one authority, for they are of one goal, one objective and one religion and every faction is the more aware of its steps and struggles.

We say to them that the eyes of Moslems, their hopes in the Islamic world, after that of God Almighty, are all pinned on you and on your unity. So bring happiness into the hearts of Moslems in the Islamic world through your unification and work towards it as you have had before with your painful blows to the cross and its agents. Do so with your blessed steps towards unification between the factions and formation of fronts, we are pulling your arms and imploring you for further of these steps toward achieving full unification between all factions and fronts. Our path will be opposite to that of the cross and its allies so that the scales will balance in our favour, for we are marching towards unification, towards rallying together and our enemies are marching towards being torn, disbanded, and the successive collapse of the allies.

Thus we will achieve victory after God Almighty grants us success. For, the whole matter is with God as already revealed, but it is up to us to endeavour and to trust in him, the Almighty. In fact, Moslems have not been victorious in the past through the multitude of their numbers nor their disunity, but through unity and trust in their God and this is God’s law for his creatures, and there is no substitution for God’s law. We have every confidence in your honesty, and sincerity to your religion, so come forth with us to pay homage to our Prophet - God’s blessing and peace be upon Him. Thereby we will say to Him as His companions in the troop assault (the trenches) had said: “we are those who have paid homage to Muhammad through Moslem fighting so that we may remain eternal.”

In concluding we ask God the Powerful and Holy to unite the ranks of Moslem fighters in Iraq, in particular and around the globe in general, to protect us from all forms of temptation, and to accept what we have presented, will present and what we achieve in action and sacrifice for His sake that He might add them to our balance of good deeds. The last of our evocation is to the Glory of God who has guided us to this and made enabled us to be guided but not without His guidance. God strengthen you against the Christians, those who supported them, tormented them (sic), scattered their hearts and ranks (sic) and showed us in them your power He is All-hearing, All-responsive.

- The Jihad and Reform Fron

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