Friday, January 11, 2008

Bin Laden threatening Saudi Arabia?
Possible long term strategy in new video tape

This is a lot to digest. But this Asia Times article by Michael Scheuer, "Bin Laden turns heat on Saudi Arabia", is great insight into what may be Bin Laden's long term (and somewhat desperate) strategy for his global jihad. Fodder for this article comes from a 56 minute tape issued Dec 29th, 2007.

And, if true, Saudi Arabia is working behind the scenes as a stealth ally, enticing Sunni support for a national unity govt in Iraq. OBL, according to this article, feels it is Saudi standing in the way of success in Iraq. It not only is actively working to support a nat'l unity govt, but is helping to further divide the jihad leaders.

This author suggests Bin Laden may deem it necessary to launch an all out assault on his homeland in order to disrupt Saudi oil production. In Bin Laden's eyes, this is a catch 22 for the US. Stand idly by and the US economy takes a hit. Engage in combat on Saudi soil, and OBL hopes it unites Arab Muslim against West jointly.

An accurate prediction? Who knows. Only time will tell.

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