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SF PUC Chief Susan Leal

SF PUC chief Susan Leal struck by car outside City Hall
At the time, Leal, a former supervisor and city treasurer, had just left City Hall, where she has been under pressure from Mayor Gavin Newsom to resign as head of the city's public utilities agency. Newsom appointed Leal to the post in 2004.

She had just exited City Hall after a fiery meeting when she was struck by a car. She was thrown 30 feet. Thus far, no broken bones are detected.

And yes, have I got a story to tell you concerning Energy, D-Willie Brown, and a funny little firm named; But I'm getting ahead of myself.

First, to comprehend the enormity of the gaming under D-Willie Brown, Speaker, and then elected Mayor of San Francisco.

Willie Brown, Inc.

But wait, I still have hardcopy articles authored by Examiner Journalist Lance Williams. It's about days gone by when Willie Brown brokered and stacked a committee to force Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant to run into overruns - just to force PG&E to give "energy" away to a minority owned business. That minority owned business was owned by..... Johnnie Cochran. And PG&E Lost and Did as The Willie Demanded. The profits from this realized gain was the seed money for Cochran's law firm. Which eventually, of course, appeared prime-time during the Rodney King hearings.

But you don't want to hear about that, do you. Of course not. Finding these articles online will cost you a tooth. Or your health, crossing in a crosswalk in one of the best crosswalks in all of San Francisco. Right in front of City Hall.

But then again, I really do think Al Sharpton took lessons from Willie Brown in re running his various political, public, and nonprofits.

Willie Brown Inc.
How S.F.'s mayor built a city based on 'juice' politics

Perhaps, I'll be able to snag a moment to drag these old articles of fabulous revelation to this blog. It will help explain what may be going on currently in re SF and the PUC.

However, much to some's disappointment, I'm not looking at Gavin Newsom in any way related to Ms. Leal's harm. That's not Gavin's style. He doesn't have that in him. But there are others who do, and there's a crapload of money involved with what has happened in SF in re "energy"; what may happen in re "energy".

Wiki actually carries this on Willie Brown which I think tells quite a thing or two:
Brown's flamboyant style made him so well-known as the consummate politician that when an actor playing a party politician in 1990's The Godfather Part III didn't understand director Francis Ford Coppola's instruction to model his character after Brown, Coppola fired the actor and hired Brown himself to play the role.

Gavin Newsom is running an office of which most the mire and offal has been hidden beyond view, and certainly sensible comprehension. I've discerned he's only fairly recently been "brought" to understand how serious the stakes are, and that he obey orders.

New charges of coercion in S.F. election
Workers say they had to campaign for Brown in '99
Anastasia Hendrix, Chronicle Staff Writer
Friday, January 23, 2004
The city-funded San Francisco nonprofit group accused of pressuring workers to vote and campaign for Gavin Newsom for mayor also pushed its employees to work to re-elect former Mayor Willie Brown in 1999, according to interviews.

Three former employees of the nonprofit San Francisco League of Urban Gardeners, or SLUG, told The Chronicle that they were ordered to walk precincts, attend rallies and debates and work a phone bank promoting Brown's candidacy.

Now that you know about SLUG, you might also wish to learn about TURN.

I pray Mrs. Leal is alright and mending well. What has been and is going down within official government of CA, specifically, the San Francisco Bay Area, is criminal.

The CPUC bent over backwards to legislate against "dirty energy" upon the dictates of the "power structure. Now, it appears a kick to the knees (oops, did I really say that??) is in order.

Typical treatment from Dems in the San Francisco Bay Area.

As any liberal is wont to say: "Remember, in the Cosmos, there are no accidents."

Let us not forget:

PG&E Eyes More Cash for Minority Firms
Petra Pasternak
The Recorder
March 19, 2007
PG&E, which last year plunked down more than $13 million on services from women- and minority-owned law firms, may be spending more in coming years.

When the utility filed for its latest rate hike request, a local minority advocacy group took the occasion to get the company to commit to an increase in its diversity spending.

In the nonbinding document, which company CEO Tom King signed last summer, PG&E pledged to the Berkeley, Calif.-based Greenlining Institute that it will do its best to aspire to higher diversity and philanthropic goals.

Those goals could mean more money for the company's business partners who are owned by ethnic minorities -- including law firms.

The California Public Utility Commission took note in a public hearing Thursday, when commissioners unanimously approved PG&E's request for a $213 million revenue requirement increase in 2007, and a hike of $125 million annually in each of the next three years through 2010. The average consumer will see a 33-cent per month increase in gas rates as a result, according to company spokesman Brian Hertzog.

PG&E has agreed with the Greenlining Institute to increase spending on suppliers run by ethnic minorities, to diversify its board of directors and to increase its philanthropic giving. The company will attempt in good faith to meet a minority contract goal of 20 percent by 2010 and a goal of 27 percent by 2015.

Yes. And now you understand what the definition of "dirty energy" is in the liberal lexicon. It means: White, male, Republican maybe, supporter of the freemarkets, capitalism.

"Clean energy" in the liberal lexicon means; any liberal/dem voting white, male, even non-tear-dripping eco-nazi supporting, multi-culti, diversity mongering but WHO diverts attention away from their gain and lucre by subcontracting energy out to WOMEN AND MINORITIES, is "clean".

"Clean energy" will always cost you more under Democrat laws when it doesn't need to.

And you thought race-based "energy" only meant "green".

Prop 209? PG&E brought on the carpet and into the spotlight by Willie Brown? PG&E was hardpressed, but decided to opt for RACISM by standing with Brown and Amos Brown for perpetual quotas in state hiring, contracts, public monies and thereby against Ward Connerly, and Prop 209.

Is your back green?

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