Monday, December 03, 2007

Hillary: Sleeping Beauty Under Glass?

Kyle-Anne Shiver at AmericanThinker writes about the huge difficulties in reporters abilities to get close to Hillary.
The lack of press access to Queen Hillary has become so pervasive, that talk of it is becoming a media cottage industry of its own.
Perhaps Hillary believes that if she erects the glass wall between herself and voters, it will provide a protected opportunity for scaling up and through that glass ceiling about which she's always clamoring. But glass walls tend to give the impression that the person building them doesn't want others to hear something, while hiding in plain sight. Her message seems to be, "I'll let you see me, but not know me."
And, the Federal Commission Report on the Glass Ceiling was in fact a total bust. Feminists and government agencies yet use the fraudulent stats compiled for the Commission Report to use as a measuring tool. The Commission deliberately used disparate GS levels as evidence of "discrimination" in pay and willfully did not factor in solid, important variables in their report, when it did not suit their agenda. However, it was important to let these facts about the fraudulent nature of the Glass Ceiling remain obscure, and for a greater cause, I have surmised over the years. People, especially a segment of the female population have repeatedly proven that when facts do not support their cause for existence or complaint, they ignore the facts.

Oh. My. I do believe I've just described Hillary, too.

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