Friday, December 21, 2007

Global Warming "Truth" varies by funding source?

WA Time has an article by S. A. Miller today - "Scientists doubt climate change". Gist of the article? More than 400 climatologists... many current or former members of the shared Nobel Peace Price UN dept, IPCC - are more loudly disputing the current science used to fuel the hysteria on global warming.

The quotes thru the article, and their reasoning, are too many to excerpt here. So read the link in it's entirety, and decide for yourself.

However what I truly found amusing was demi-god Gore's response to the opposition by such an illustrious group of scientists. That would be, of course, to slam the messenger. From the Gore offices spokesman/woman...

After a quick review of the report, Gore spokeswoman Kalee Kreider said 25 or 30 of the scientists may have received funding from Exxon Mobil Corp.

Let's address the first, and more obvious absurdity... Let's assume the higher number of 30 were (not "may") definitively "paid off", as Gore's office suggests, by the dreaded "big oil". That means a huge 3/4's of one person - not even one body completely - out of every 100 hundred scientists took payola to advance an anti-global warming agenda. Not much to crow about.

But perhaps more amusing to me is Gore's attempt to discredit the scientific analysis that disagrees with his agenda merely because of the source of funding. Get serious... what organizations funded the analyses that Gore uses? Certainly those that have their own agendas as well.

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