Sunday, December 23, 2007

Naomi Campbell... new "political journalist"

The media come to new lows... it appears Naomi Campbell has stepped off the catwalk and entered the "political journalist" world. Considering the deplorable state of ethics and high volume of bias in the business, could she do any worse than, say, the mistakenly revered Seymour Hirsch of the NYTs?

Her obvious trend in journalistic style and targets are already becoming obvious. First interview for Britain's GQ magazine lined up? Venezula's Hugo Chavez. Next target she's eyeing? Fidel Castro.

One thing is for sure. It'll be easier to pass off her work as absurd.


Alia said...

I've read some excellent first hand accounts in books by former models. Pehaps Ms. Naomi Campbell relates to the starvation existent in countries run by dictators.

MataHarley said...

Okay... perhaps I should clarify here, eh? I'm certainly not suggesting that beauty means there is no potential skill in the political news world. There are some supermodels who, I'm sure, could come up with a cogent analysis.

But this particular post is about a position was offered to Naomi Campbell... not Tyra Banks or others. Ms. Campbell, IMHO, is not one capable (nor deserving) of this position of media influence or credibility.

Campbell is more well known for her hot temper, resulting in phone throwing, and whacking people over the head with her phone. Two separate incidents, and two separate victims... she's got a thing for phones. God help the interviewee if she's armed with more than a cell! LOL.

Also in her recent public past - slapping her maid across the face and assaulting an assistant during filming.

I'd say her temperment - suggesting a spoiled, self-absorbed celebrity with little regard for others - doesn't portray the patience and control required to wield a thoughtful pen.