Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Windsor, CA -- Growing the smoking ban

Some of my most fun memories of larking take place in Windsor, CA. Near and amid the Wine Country of Northern CA. Some of the most beautiful "river" spots can be found in Windsor. Tubing, and being high on the sheer beauty of the land and terrain of Windsor.

It appears that a fork in the smoking road is being consider in Windsor. Perhaps... it can be grown to include:

restricting smoking in outdoor locations, including streets and sidewalks, and in ATM and bus lines.

At least two council members are willing to consider going further, perhaps banning smoking in apartments, condominiums and townhouses, part of a growing movement to prevent smoke from wafting into people's homes from adjacent units.

Would this ban also include pot smoking? What happens to those who need Med Marijane and are legally "allowed"? If the ban on "smoking" is not explicit, why, would current cig smokers simply swap out cigs for a dube?

Me thinks it would.

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