Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hillary: Powder Room Politics

Kathleen Parker pens an article today about the dark side of daring to attack Hillary Clinton's "gender" - that it in fact will help get her elected. I found myself recoiling and repeating the words "no way!" However, Mrs Parker does have a point, and I've seen it myself. It is aptly coined the Politics of "The Girl's Bathroom" (her title much more dignified). Nonetheless it is a dicey analysis which could go just about any which way.

And yes, I did learn decades ago that I wasn't at all like the usual "Hillary" voter. The very idea of being in a restroom surrounded by the usual Hillary voter makes my skin crawl. During the 80s when dark tales of "rape and incest and repressed memories" were making the rounds, sure enough, the Hillary Voter was chiming in with exaggerated and falsified stories of "me too!" in the world of the Grrl's club. ick. And when the girls in the office were deciding to join in on a class action lawsuit against our company based on "gender", again I was saying "ick". And when I was in high school during the launching of the Feminist Crusades and routinely being asked to be a "role model" for the feminist cause, I was that one chick pissing the restroom-cluckees off.

I learned that among the chick set, I was in a minority.

So, Mrs. Parker's analysis has merit, but I think that merit principally applies to the very young and the 60+ age set. I found that my specific generation didn't fit the template. My specific generation found ourselves on the short-end stick of receiving any type of largesse resulting from "sex preferences": we had to work our butts off to get ahead on our merits, and usually braving through various types of discrimination.

We had the guys to deal with, who were generally ticked off at women over being stereotyped as "bad evil men"; and the chicks, given all sorts of preferential treatment and still complaining over not having been handed the Fortune 500 head positions. My generation bore the brunt of the squeeze.

My generation typically enjoys every single hard question posed to the Hillarys of the world. "Finally!" we say to ourselves.

That is, yes, women will vote for Clinton because she's a woman —if men target her as a woman.

Now THAT'S a sentence worth talking about. Yes, she appears to have female genitalia.
But if in fact women will vote for Hillary because she's a woman and because men are targetting her "as a woman"; this underscores that women can't think for themselves and are stuck in an adolescent quagmire of still wishing to have a voice and attention inside the Grrl's Powder Room. Their focus is not upon truth or facts, but of "fitting inside a feminist template" - proving themselves to FEMALES. AS FEMALES.

Which then also means that Hillary too is attempting to prove herself as a FEMALE to FEMALES, while plying her "victim" status.

There's no way around this, Mrs. Parker's point has merit. However, the best way to deal with this is to continue to expose her follies. Focus on these. She'll continue to take her exposures to the Powder Room corner of politics. And the wives of Obama and Edwards will continue to stand in the Powder Room pointing out her exposures to the assembled chick clique.

Factually, even the chick clique would rather be out on the high school grounds acquiring newer experiences and tales of victimhood or victory among the man world to take back to the Powder Room.

Cue here: The manly man.

Addendum: Big "awwww" for Bhutto sent to the Powder Room with her clique. lol.

Works for me! :)

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