Friday, November 30, 2007

CNN’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy

grrr. Yep, grrr.

Alternative media platforms - talk radio, the Internet and this op-ed page - have spread these facts like kudzu. But the persistent media double standard is obvious to everyone but the manure spreaders at CNN: Had GOP candidates somehow been able to insert their operatives and supporters into a Democratic debate, and had, say, Fox News failed to vet the questioners and presented them as average citizens, both Fox and the GOP would be treated as the century’s worst media sinners.

I have yet the photos from San Francisco's "Fight the Right" march in the early 90s. If anyone had a real clue as to HOW MANY OF THOSE PROTESTORS WERE FUNDED, AND BROUGHT IN FROM OTHER PARTS OF THE US......................................................

They'd understand why "things" cost so much in the US and why the Democrats love "taxes".

Colleges were using obscure sounding "funds" to fund liberal activists from all over the country to MARCH in that parade. Unions were using "special" dues funds to PAY for union activists from all over the country to MARCH in that parade. Ad nauseum.

And the newspapers, in cahoots, and because they most CERTAINLY KNOW what and how these large groups are funded and "show up" -- presented the March as a "gathering of the voices of the people" of...... San Francisco.

When you pay tuition at colleges, are you also paying for some other students "right" to march in a parade of which you would actively protest against? Ya. How about the high pay of Union Workers.. those with "guaranteed jobs"? When a bridge gets built by union workers, are you also paying those high prices through your taxes in order to pay for some Union Activist's activism elsewhere around the country?


And the newspapers know this. I performed experiments in the early/mid 90s. I would go to liberal activist events. 1. As myself. I'd get handed literature. 2. Posing as a Press Person. I'd get handed amazing packages not available to the Average Jane.

The Established Media knows. And they, and the Clintons knew in advance.

And now they're all playing so innocent because, they've gotten away with these stunts in the Established Media for DECADES, and are "angry" because.. well, they've gotten away with such deception all these years, how DARE anyone not considered "elite" challenge the established practice of the elite.

How DARE they.

And herein lies the answer as to why those like the Clintons never exhibit shame, remorse, etc. It's because they feel that they are acting "appropriately" and in "conforming" with the established practices practiced for decades and of which they and their Stalinist pals have set into motion all these past years.

How DARE anyone disagree. Why... how "uncivil".

"Uncivil", snort.


MataHarley said...

Ahh... the subplots running under the media headlines are always the more interesting story. It is yet more proof that the media and pols work hand in hand to manipulate the American citizen to advance their various agendas.

The emergence of the "info age" and citizen bloggers has it's ups and downs. If fact, one cannot trust implicitly anything they read. However if you read enough - and you find a lot of twists and turns on stories by many a blogger - the truth manages to manifest itself more clearly.

'Twas odd to hear a "don't ask, don't tell" question to the GOP hopefuls tho. That is a Clintonian/Dem implementation. And I haven't heard that discussed in the Dem debates at all.

Why an issue now for the GOP? An effort to further debase our military by liberal/progressive anti-war types.

Alia said...

Good point that -- why now (And as Michelle Malkin has dubbed) is CNN and Hillary playing at "don't ask/don't tell" themselves in re the Plants at the Republican YouTube debate.

Oh. I see. So the rumors about Hillary may be quite true, and the Log Cabins or even the counteragent (Dem) Log Cabin Repubs are trying to out here. I mean, Anderson Cooper is an out and out gay, he who Moderated that YouTube debate.

In re internet age and bloggers: Yes, the whisperings, perhaps shards of it, do come through the many bloggers, ultimately resulting in resounding truth.

American Motto: Out of many, one.

Liberal motto: Out of one, many.

Liberals like all their various identities, even if it really is only 4% of them doing all that blogging under different names.

Don't Ask/Don't Tell. The meme of the left. Who precisely, was the CNN/Dem message directed to, me wonders?

Alia said...

Mata -- correction

Oh. I see. So the rumors about Hillary may be quite true, and the Log Cabins or even the counteragent (Dem) Log Cabin Repubs are trying to out here.

It should read: HER. Her, Hillary Clinton. Hasn't she been quite the sneaky one. From the gay point of view, this has got to be so infuriating to them that she won't just come "out" and get it over with and make them happy.

The rumors about Houma may just in fact be true, and not tabloid.

Well, there ARE plenty of women democrats that were lesbians but pretended to not be in the past.