Saturday, November 10, 2007

Bhutto Will Lead a Protest this week

Oh my, what an utter surprise!

Bhutto will defy Musharraf and go ahead with a pro-democracy motorcade from Lahore to Islamabad next week, after police scotched a protest by her Pakistan People's Party in the garrison town of Rawalpindi adjoining Islamabad on Friday.

My take and regardless of the pro-India authors wrangling over Pakistan; The Bush Admin is upset over Musharraf's martial law but because it plays to the international wing of moonbat set-ups.

Har! on Bhutto suddenly deciding to "lead" a protest and but ONLY because of Musharraf's last week's suspension of the Pakistan constitution.

What this tells me is there is something quite vital not at all yet reported via "noose" (I mean, news). Musharraf is no idiot, and most certainly no newbie in re international matters.

U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates had this to say on Friday he was concerned instability could distract Pakistani forces who have been fighting Islamists in tribal areas bordering Afghanistan -- an area in which Osama bin Laden is believed to be hiding.

I think it is always good to devise a tar baby trap when fighting terrorists. Musharraf and allies have done exactly this. It is good to get those involved with the terrorist network to expose themselves, and that is exactly what is occurring.

Bhutto's emergence on the scene at exactly this juncture will give rise to names and places suddenly emerging on the media radar, and those with funds assisting in perpetuating insurgencies. There is still a huge dark tunnel of information regarding Iran and Syria yet to see the light of day.

Let it come.

Will it be a tricky, high risk process? Yes. DEFSEC Gates is quite right in his assessment. But then again, martial law does have this knack for chasing off those with ill intent in mind -- perhaps, those will slip over the mountain from Pakistan and into Afghanistan where the throngs of hardy pro-freedom warriors await.

But, on the other hand, it is entirely possible that Mrs. Bhutto has already supplied ample data with regard to those involved with the Bhutto-reign corruption.

Perhaps those linkages are still quite active. In which case, the curtain on Act 2 shall be arising very soon.

And the following from New Media Journal supports what I'm asserting:

General Pervez Musharraf once enjoyed an unchallengeable relationship with the Pakistani military, but he is now confronted by Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif, who are vigorously and clandestinely gathering support from disgruntled generals and intelligence officers. Recent and alarming polls show thirty percent of the Pakistani military as sympathetic to fundamentalist factions and a public cynical and dissatisfied with the status quo. This dissatisfaction has resulted in four failed assassination attempts on President Musharraf’s life.

All in all, it is quite important to pay attention to what "heads" are deciding to pop up and join the Bhutto network at this juncture. And for multiple reasons and purposes.

The Hillary Dem network worked feverishly early on in the WOT to woo India. Have the Dems promised Kashmir to India? I cannot help but wonder. And this is the worry; if, Pakistan becomes divided so will India. When/if India becomes divided, the ChiComs then get their way. How lovely it must be for them to run two countries as "democracies" but yet while keeping China and the Chinese quite under wraps, modus operandi uninterrupted.

Perhaps this explains the emergence, then of the Dalai Lama upon the world scene. And then, of course, the Pope.

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MataHarley said...

I too think there's an underbelly of events INRE Musharraf's suspension of the Constitution. And I'm not a huge fan of Bhutto for her past events... i.e. enabling the creation of the Taliban with Pakistani terrorist, Maulana Fazlur Rahman, and the continued funding/support even after they proved themselves to be as barbaric and fundamentalist as Hekmaytar.

You may be right INRE India. But I tend to think the actions may be in response to something more immediate.. i.e. the building up a "new" Taliban composed of displaced AQ fighters no longer welcome in Iraq. Robison believes AQ is attempting something akin to a hostile takeover of the Taliban, and that the infighting may commence.

Since Pakistan is heavily vested with Afghanistan's future status in all aspects - as was Saddam - this news of Afghanistan housing a new combo of more powerful AQ/Taliban may be unsettling news. I cannot imagine Musharraf is in the dark on this.

As for Bhutto... I believe the power sharing was a good theory, as it would at least unite the two different segments of the population - neither of which desire Sharia law. However I think Bhutto is instigating a power play. And I'm not at all sure she is as loved as she thinks... but is just again being used by the fundamentalists, who find it so easy to manipulate her, as a catalyst.

Unfortunately, only time will tell. But Pakistan is vital to the fight against the global Islamic jihadist movement. Nukes or not, their support cannot be lost. And Musharraf is getting a bum deal from the western press here.