Monday, November 12, 2007

Bhutto Needs Her Head Examined

You bet I'm furious. Here Mrs. Corrupt returns to Pakistan and plans to stage a "MLK" proto-type walk to the Capital stirring already volatile tempers. She has shown me she is NO (n.o.) leader. She is a grandstanding puppet of powers behind the scenes.

She is now under House Arrest again.

I really do thinks she wishes to see blood spilling all over the streets of Pakistan, the Pakistani army diverted from capturing and pursuing the Taliban/AQ network -- to dealing with the chaos she creates.

And, she does look like a vampiress.



MataHarley said...

Note how Khan, the AP writer along with co-contributor Matthew Pennington, still try to attribute the Musharraf's emergency rule entirely to the supposed impending judicial decision about his Presidential eligibility.

What? No mention of the 61 high profile terrorists the corrupt judicial system let go prior to Musharraf's ousting of the Islamic jihadist supporters??

Course not. That would lend some clarity and legibility to Musharraf's predicament.

Head examined is an interesting phrase here, Alia. I think Bhutto's going for the golden ring for sole power. And if successful, she will, once again, be taken for a ride by the fundamentalists who manipulated her before. And let's hope they actually leave her head on to *be* examined.

Alia said...

Yours raises an interesting question, Mata: I get the impression you think the terrorists wish to kill Bhutto. I'm of the mind she's in with the Terrorists. And that the recent bombing killing nearly 200 citizens was merely a stage setting by the terrorist coupsters.

MataHarley said...

I thought the same, Alia.... that Bhutto was a "closet terrorist", per se.

But I backchecked this with a few in the know contacts. Bhutton is genuinely - sans the corruption instinct - anti Sharia law. That places her NOT on the side of terrorists.

However like all the ME countries, they find a line to walk, using said terrorists against common enemies, but not against their own internal interests.

While the Taliban was created for Bhutto, supported and thrived under her government, she was appalled at what they became... Sharia law Deobandi terrorists in Afghanistan. However her ministers convinced her that continued support of the warped Taliban was in the best interests of Pakistan. So she acquiesced.

Thus my problems with her now. She is not strong, nor clever, enough to battle the terrorist elements that hold power in Pakistan. She just does not have a majority of Pakistanis behind her.

Power combined, and tempered, with Musharraf would be a good possibility, as it would cover a majority of Pakistanis. However on her own? She'd continue the corruption she is accustomed to, while her advisory staff would continue to bed down with the bad guys.

And one of those ultimate bad guys... the Maulana I so often mention... is already working deals with Musharraf.

After enough reading, I've learned that survival of ME "democracies" bears little resemblence to our own, and that they do work deals with the Wahhabi/Deobandi radicals sheerly for survival.

MataHarley said...

.... forgot to mention. The terrorists DO wish to kill Bhutto. The threats are genuine.

It is because she is acquiescing to Musharraf, proclaims alliance with the US and western ways. And mostly, because she is negotiating with terrorist sworn enemies.

Also, because she formally does not support Sharia law, there must be at least the "appearance" of recorded threat to keep her credible. Long enough, at least, to get her into power and manipulate her... as they did before.