Thursday, November 01, 2007

Ban of ROTC and recruiting on campus
accomplishing the military squeeze?

No surprise here... the Army recruiting numbers are low. Then again, it's hard to recruit when offices are under protest and getting vandalized. It's like a safer American version of Iraqis standing in line to enroll in their police or military. However here they are heckled and harrassed... not blown up.

It's also difficult when school campuses around the country are refusing access for the military recruiters in droves. What's a wannabee soldier to do?
My personal belief is that the military is a legitimate and honorable career choice. And if any school that gets funding from government agencies - federal, state or local - they should be mandated to allow recruiters access. If they don't, they must ban access from other career advocates equally.
How stupid would that be? To limit students access to various options? VERY stupid. But then, our educational system has been in decline for so long, it's hard to find something they do that is genuinely good for our youth, and a true demonstration of free speech.

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