Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Air Force Staff Sergeant Fights for Return of Her U.S. Daughters From Italian Custody

And I still get jabs from "loved ones" in CA over how fast we upped and got our bodies out of CA. We knew we had to take receipt of our granddaughter asap, and in person. Egads.

Here's a story which gets my blood boiling. Mother, two daughters, fiance, one son -- stationed in Italy. Mother goes off on a mission, nosy neighbor (female) in Italy says the fiance is abusing the daughters. Cops seize the children. Doctors examine them, no abuse. But kids get placed ANYWAY in Italy Social Services. The mother has been fighting to regain custody of her children.

Stress, anyone? Could anyone blame this mother should she have a total wigout? Read the above link for the entirety of the story.

And remember, Hillary and Her "village" await all households, like.. um... watchful neighbors.

What went on for this military mom has been going on in America for decades. And not just in divorce courts and custody matters.

Duke Lacrosse? anyone? Sure, go ahead and throw in the race politicizing of it too.

VAWA was one of the ABSOLUTE worst things to happen in America, alongside "No Fault Divorce". Both were brought into the US by money/power grubbing Marxist Democrats.

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